A Pattern Deal!

I have a good deal for ya…. I’m super excited about this! I was about to draft out my own hoodie pattern, but I’ve been exhausted this week for some reason and I just haven’t felt up to it.


Then I got this email from Amy of Peek a Boo Patterns  (affiliate link) about her new pattern coming out! And it’s a hoodie!! The Boardwalk hoodie  (affiliate link) to be exact! What perfect timing is that?


This is the 1st spring pattern and it will be on sale for 1 day only (2/6) for 15% off. The coupon code is “boardwalk15”.

The Boardwalk Top  (affiliate link) pattern includes a boys version and a dress version for the girls and both can be made with the hoodie or without!

I can’t wait to get mine! Be sure to get your’s too!! Today!!



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