Binary Quilt Show

What do you think of when you think Binary? I kinda think of x’s and o’s and early computers… I have no idea really if that’s binary, but that’s my first thought! But that is NOT what our Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s latest show was about!



Adjective:  Consisting of, indicating, or involving two

Two Colors! That’s what our show was about. I really struggled with it, because everything I came up with were MOSTLY two colors, but I always wanted to add in a pop of another color… I had actually given up and come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to have a quilt in this show….


Until I started my alligator quilt! I say I only used yellows and greens, but the three teeth are white. But they are less than inch each, maybe even all together… So, Gator made it! He’s pretty different than most of the quilts in the show, but I think he works!


The yellow was a blessing in disguise! I ran out of the yellow I was using. So my new friend picked up a bunch of yellow fabric for me from the quilt shop and brought it to the Guild Meeting. Turns out it wasn’t quite the same yellow. Of course, then I realized that I think I finished off the first yellow when I bought mine! Anyway, I knew I could make it work, but I think it ended up Making the quilt!

And, I need pattern testers for the gator! If you are interested, please let me know!!!


Blueberries for Sal  by Chandra Wu

I am so loving being a part of and getting to know all these amazing women! Everyone is so talented! Two ladies really inspired me on how to finish my quilt! At the same meeting that my friend Kristen brought me the yellow fabric, Chandra inspired me with her fantastic use of different purples!


Red/White Scraps by Vicki Christensen

And when I saw Vickie’s quilt on IG, I loved the little pieces of red, which in turn inspired by little tiny pieced pieces around the quilt!


Pendleton Love by Carrie Franklin


Pink Paper by Allison Dutton

When you first got to Island Quilter on Vashon, where the show was on display (yes, sorry, it’s over…) You were greeted by these two fantastic quilts!

As you head around the shop, here are some more of the fantastic work!


My Sister’s Quilt by Sue Mariotti


Oval Dance by Katie Pedersen


1 + 1 = 10 by Amber Arnold


Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House by Patty Ladd


(un)intentional by Andrea Slusser


And I loved the group of blue and white! From top left around, Crazy for Blue by Rachel Pascual, Crossknot by Allison Dutton, Tsunamis Debris by Marilyn Lone and True Blue by Sandie Holtman


Granny Swooned by Megan Bloomquist


Mansfield Park by Patty Ladd


Unknown Journey by Debbie Jeske

I had to do a close up of Debbie’s quilting! I love the variegated thread on the white that bring out the green X’s!


I love this one, Albers’ Orange Chair by Martha Peterson! The red and white is perfect! But what caught me was the little chair! This is what I mean about my binary colors. Where she added the chair, I kept want to add a different color. Just a little pop! I love her chair!


And we’ve got Lost in the Stars by Charlotte Ennis Clark-Mahoney on the left and Binary Quilt ’13 by Lynne Shandley, on the right,  taking up the middle position!



11:40PM with Carl by Anna Boenish

Then we have Anna… I’m in LOVE with her quilts! So Inspiring! I want to make a quilt like hers, but I don’t think it would be the same! I just love them! And she hand quilts…. love….


Little Birds by Laurel Thom


Clarity by Alison Bezeley

And Valentine’s Day is coming up, what a better way to end than with this one from our friend Alison!

Which one is your favorite??


  1. What a nice post on the exhibit! Love all your details AND how you were inspired on your own quilt!

  2. What a terrific exhibit. I love seeing how all the quilters interpreted the challenge. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarah Helene says:

    THANKS, YES, THANK YOU for all your sharp photos of these FAB quilts from the Seattle Modern QUILT Guild show! I really appreciate seeing and enjoying the talents of so many quilters. I LOVE the binary requirement . . . only 2 colors or types of prints. Sarah in Minneapolis, MN

  4. Enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are so fantastic, I’m really bummed that I didn’t get to go see the show!

  6. Catherine Silling says:

    what a group of jazzy and inspiring quilts from the Modern Quilt Guild show you photographed! truly imaginative and talented makers!! thanks for the show!! (which I only got to see on my ipad… in NM) cjs

  7. Loved seeing the quilt show !! My fav is “My Sister’s Quilt” but Patty’s “Mr. Blanding…” Is a close 2nd! ALL are beautiful! I attended a show at the museum in downtown Denver in 1974 & STILL remember a “postage stamp” quilt that was like a mosaic of a log cabin scene complete with smoke from the chimney. I admire not only the creativity of you quilters but your patience!!!

  8. Alison Bazeley says:

    I like the last one. 😉 Thanks for the mention!

  9. My absolute fab is the last one, the valentine one. Do you have a blog of her or so? Thanks for sharing…


  1. […] We are a fantastically talented group, that’s for sure! (You can see a bit of what we all do here) It was such an amazing weekend. I really felt like I got to know more people, but really got to […]

  2. […] when our guild has a show, there’s a theme… Like the star show and the binary show…. But not this […]

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