A New Pillow

Yep, I’m still quilting! This time it’s a pillow.


Our Seattle Modern Quilt Guild has started a Block of the Month. January’s BOM was called a Christmas Snowflake. All the other ones I’ve seen the pieces are typically low volume prints for the background and colored print groups for the main snowflake.


But I made mine to go with the quilt I’m making, so again I used the blue, brown and white solids. I wasn’t sure how it would look in solids. I like how it turned out after all!


Last summer I did a swap (I’ve temporarily taken a break form swaps this year!) where we made each other pieces for our bedrooms and I got this fantastic pillow. It’s the one in the back. But don’t they go beautifully together? I love them!


So what to see a little behind the scenes? While I was taking these pictures the pup came in and sat right smack in front of the camera! She’s pretty cute, huh?? Not exactly what I was trying to take a picture of, but once she was there, I took a couple!


And the secret to this photo shoot is that it was actually in my son’s room and not mine! The pillows are meant for our room, which is mostly white and tan with a little bit of blue accent. But I was hanging out in my son’s room and realized his colors were the same, just mostly blue with tan and white. So I took the pics in his room!


I did a bit of quilting in the corners and then was going to hand stitch the blue and brown areas. Everywhere? Hmmm…. Once I did the middle and the brown, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do the blue. Nope! No blue! I like it best without. And I love how it plays off the swap pillow that does a bit of hand stitching, but doesn’t use it everywhere.


I made this block the same way I made the Low Volume, Bright Contrast Crosses Postage Stamp Quilt Block, with the lightest weight interfacing. Have you made a Christmas Snowflake block? Did you use solids or prints?


  1. I love the look of this pillow. The solids are great!

  2. I love the set! Solids definitely work, and I like ‘just a bit’ of hand-stitching!

  3. Great choice on leaving the blue! I love the look of it too!

  4. I love yur pillow! The use of solids and a bit of hand quilting look great. I also have to compliment your beagle – what a cutie! We are big beagle lovers – we currently have two. 🙂

    • Thanks! Funny, I was kinda surprised no one had commented about her! Thank you! She is a cutie! Beagles are silly! We haven’t had ours for too long, but when we got her we didn’t really know anything about beagles! We have since learned about their crazy personalities! We still love her! 🙂

  5. It looks great in solids and I like the addition of a little hand stitching and that is a swap pillow behind, wow, it totally looks like you made that one to.

  6. I love the little bit of hand stitching that you did, it just makes your pillow. I really like your design!



  1. […] the second one I’ve also done before! This is the star I made for a pillow earlier this year. It’s the pattern for our Modern Quilt Guild’s January […]

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