How I Travel Handmade!

Sorry for the recent repost! As you probably remember, I recently posted this bag not too long ago, but I also wanted to share it on Ellison Lane’s Crafty Traveler Link Up!



For the last few weeks there have been many great bags featured over on Ellison Lane! One of my favorites being the Cargo Duffle Bag!


I needed a bag for carrying my quilts around in while I am doing the binding, etc. I’ve been just stuffing them in the closet grocery bag I can find. Since I needed that, I made one!




On the inside I added a couplke of quilting pockets. One for scissors and a seam ripper. And one with Velcro to hold my hair clips that I use for holding the binding in place.


I also added a little needle holder! Right now in my little quilting bag, I just stick them in the side and I have found myself getting stuck. I’m hoping this will help!


I wanted the bag to be big, but I wasn’t actually planning on it being this big! But I think it will work for what I need.


Be sure to check out the original post, if you missed it, for more details and photos!



  1. Sarah Helene says:

    GREAT idea for sewing a quilted BIG BAG, large enough to hold your quilt that you take along to work on. You’re ORGANIZED now! I love the bright colors inside and out– plus the FAB print with people used for inside pockets. You randomly quilted small triangular pieces on the outside and stitched diagonally to add interest. How about using a zip-lock baggie for your hair clips? BRAVO! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

  2. This is AMAZING!!!!!

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