WIPS on Wedn… I Mean On Thursday! (and a request for pattern testers)

Man, I’ve been having some horrible eye issues that have been slowing me down! 4 doctors, 5 medications and 3 diagnosis… And it all comes down to allergies and Dry Eye! Who knew?? I’ve seen commercials for it and never ever would have thought that dry eye could be so painful! It’s getting better though! Yea!


Between keeping my eyes closed I’ve been working on some quilting projects! Coming soon will be more kids clothes, but…. I had totally forgotten that I was totally down to the wire on time, so I did a super quick machine binding on it. So I’m going back and finishing the binding by hand and removing the hanging strip.


I’m working that hand sewing thing! A neighbor put a call out for rec’s on someone to fix a quilt, so I said I could probably help her. This had a bunch of seams failing around the blocks, so I fixed those. After I was about 80% through with it, I realized I should have just taken out a side seam, turned it inside out and fixed it on the machine… Oh, well….


It also has one hole in it that she wanted patched. So I added a little ehexi with fusible interfacing then went back and added a blanket stitch.


And lastly… it’s that alligator again! I know you’re probably tired of seeing it…. But sorry! I’m going to be showing more of it in the months to come! I’m also looking for pattern testers! I need some for the whole quilt top and some for just the gator itself! Please email if you’re interested!


The quilt is actually going to have 3 gators… I’m almost done with 2!!!

What have you been working on? Are you getting ready for Kids Clothes Week? Or sewing along with Project Run and Play? I’ve been planning, but only in my head!


  1. Ooh what lovely projects! I’m busy collecting supplies for my first quilt! I haven’t done much sewing but I have picked out a few little projects to complete while I’m collecting fabric! I just need to find time to do the actual sewing now!

  2. i would love to be a pattern tester for you! what are the prerequisites?

  3. Do you not hate it when allergies strike!….. Me too,,,I am a year around sufferer….So I feel for you….But love how you jumped in to help a neighbor, and learned in the process those little things that make life easier…..Hexie is great idea for making a mystery out of why is that there? I would do the same…..

  4. swoodsonsays says:

    I’m really curious to see the final quilt, that gator is neat!

  5. I will be glad to test out your super sweet gator! If you need any more testers, let me know!

  6. Marjorie Nath says:

    If it is paper pieced, I’d love to be a tester. I’d prefer to make just the gator, not a whole quilt. We have a friend that has that for a nickname and I’d make a wall hanging for him.

  7. I would love to be a pattern tester! The gator is super-cute!

  8. I’m interested in testing patterns for you! Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  9. If you are still looking for testers, I would love to help. That gator is so cute!

  10. I would love to test the gator as well. So cute and I have been dying to try something like this.

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