A Little Spring Cleaning!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring so I thought a little spring cleaning was in order! Change the blog a bit! Freshen her up!


What do you think of the new look? I kept the old graphics. Just spruced up the overall graphic. The other night I was headed to bed and was like, Hey, I have an idea… Sat back down and this is what happened! Since I’m obsessed with hexi’s, I thought that was a pretty fitting design!


If you were paying close attention on Monday I snuck in a little glimpse of the new do with my watermark on my pics. But I’m not sold on it…

Tonight I tried out this watermark… I want to keep it white, but I’ve always struggled with it fading into the background… I haven’t quite nailed down the watermark yet. Suggestions?


And the footer….

So what do you think about the new ‘do’? I’d love to hear… I’m debating what else needs to be revised…. Thanks!