The Square Neck Top

I told you that I was making a little something from one of the Tie Dye Divas Patterns (affiliate link). I did!


I made the Square Neck Top, dress variation (affiliate link). It’s a simple little dress, but I love how cute and simple it is!


One of my best friend’s from home gave me two shirts that she wanted made into something different for her daughter. This pink shirt is a terry cloth with a tiny little crown. I wasn’t exactly sure what part of the shirt my friend wanted to keep, but I knew I wanted to keep the crown. And luckily, her daughter LOVES pink! It was kinda hard though, I don’t have much pink in my stash.


So I cropped out the crown for the ‘square neck’ part of the little dress. The pattern (affiliate link) is beautifully detailed and photographed. I didn’t have to redo a single thing from not understanding the directions. Well, I didn’t actually have to redo anything period! I got it right the very first time!


I always feel that the first time I make a pattern it seems to take a little while longer. I read every little line, because I don’t want to miss anything! But I know, the next time, it’s going to fly by!


For the back, the instructions give you tips for buttons with holes or buttons with a little elastic loop. But of course, I used a snap! And look! I just happened to have some pink snaps that are just the right color!

For the seams I used a  mix of techniques. For the sides I used French seams. for other exposed hems, I finished off with an overlocking stitch and I know it will hold up beautifully! I try to not leave hems exposed, but there were a few, just a few, in this pattern that leaves the seams exposed!


I can’t wait to see if it fits! And maybe take a few pics next time I see my friends!

Have you signed up for the pattern giveaway??? Don’t forget!


  1. This is so beautiful & cute! I don’t often see “pink” on your blog, and this was a super nice surprise! I hope it fits her too! Also, I wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful donation to the Pledge For Pets Fundraiser! That made my heart smile so BIG and I was honored that you wanted to help the animals in need! Thank you again for your generosity, as it was much appreciated! ❤

  2. This is just darling!

  3. Love it! Maci is so excited about this dress!

  4. Sarah Helene says:

    LOVE the MIX of 3 fabrics & textures on the Square Neck Dress pattern you’ve sewn for a friend’s daughter. Re-purposing the crown motif in the center of the hot pink terry cloth yoke looks COOL, making a focus. The swirls pink & white fabric is neat trimmed by a wide section of turquoise & coral polka dot fabric at the hemline. French seams are the best, when you can use them. Your CREATIVE talents worked– spot ON! Anxious to see the girl wearing/modeling this when you can take & post a photo! Glad I’ve kept following your blog. Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

  5. I love the positioning of the crown – so adorable! And I just want to rub that terry cloth against my cheek (hmm, weird fabric habit!).

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