‘Gator Quilt Blog Hop- Wips and Tuts Sneak Peek

Ready for more ‘Gator quilting! ?!


Today’s guest is Christine from Wips and Tuts! Christina just started quilting less than a year ago making quilts as gifts. This is what she had to say about paper piecing, ‘When I initially had trouble quilting, I turned to paper piecing, and it was a saving grace for me. I love how the blocks turn out (almost) perfect every time, and the possibilities are endless…more than you could accomplish with rotary cutting.’ Exactly, my friend!!!


I love how so many have so many different ideas for the eyes! I love the look of these! Christina also love incorporating words into her quilting, so I love how she added the Later to the ‘Gator. Does this mean I’ll have to do a Crocodile next??? hmmmm…. Be sure to check out Christina’s blog for more info on her experience with the ‘Gator!

AlligatorQuilt Cover-sm


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