‘Gator Quilt Blog Hop- Shaffer Sisters Sneak Peek

OK! I am still just amazed at the creativity I get to surround myself with with my bloggy friends! What did people do before the internet??? I feel so lucky to know all these amazing talents! And here’s some more amazingness with the ‘Gator quilt!!

alligator-paper-pieced-quilt-pattern-i'm-feeling-crafty (1)

Today’s guest is Al from The Shaffer Sister’s blog! If I had sisters, I hope we’d be crafty together like these sisters! A little bit about Al…

For as long as I can remember, those that truly love me have called me Al or other variations of Al; Al the Pal, Alfred, and Albert (Einstein- I love physics) have all been nicknames. Not super girly I know, but my ideal escape would be to go play basketball until I am sweaty and the muscles in my legs are so tired they are twitching. My best description of myself would be to say that I am a cross between super particular and easy going. The particular side of me demands perfection and control (mostly manifest in my projects- that’s why I enjoy quilts). The easy going side of me thrives to be around people (especially when you can get to know someone one-on-one). Luckily, being a mom of 2 kids (and expecting an addition of one next month) and the wife of a student that struggles with school has helped me learn to channel my need for control in ways that everyone can enjoy.


I love yesterday’s quilt and Al’s today! My Dad and I used to always say this to each other when I was a little kid!  I can’t wait to see this  ‘Gator in more detail! Be sure to check out Al’s blog for more on her ‘Gator!

AlligatorQuilt Cover-sm


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