Third Quarter Finish-Along

ok, I’m doing it too. I’m joining the Finish-a-Long. I make lists. Do you make lists? I like making lists so I can scratch things off the lists when I finish something! And this is kinda like a list… (trust me, everything I”m showing you here is on my list!)


So, I’ve been seeing a lot of my quilting buddies post about this Finish-Along thing… At first I didn’t know what they were talking about. Then I realized what was going on! You show everyone what you’re working on, but what isn’t finished. And try to commit to finishing it by the end of the quarter! SO I’m in!


The project I’m going to finish first is the Modern Quilt Guild’s Michael Miller Challenge! I don’t have much left!


Then I’ve got to get my do.Good Stitches bee quilt finished for our Nurture Circle.


And I totally missed the deadline on the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Modern Metallic challenge, but I still want to do it!


I did start this gnome quilt right before my machine took it’s nosedive.


I really want to finish my husbands quilt….

And trust me… I have a much longer list, should I keep going???

There’s the BOM of the month neon quilt I want to do… There’s a friend’s t-shirt quilt top… There’s my t-shirt quilt… There’s the tree quilt I started about 4 years ago… There’s the memory quilt… There’s the teacher totes…

I could keep going, but I’m going ot stop now…. What are you working on?


  1. Gail Smith says:

    Ahhh, you are so normal. A while back I had written about having enough projects to keep me busy until 2025 & you had replied something about it being 2015 you hoped. It was 2025, if not a bit longer, as most of my projects are in counted cross stitch or embroidery. Your projects being quilts, and you have the material, I would wish for you, would get completed a little sooner. I have discovered that keeping a list of my projects does keep me from starting another project until current one is completed, for the most part. Emergency projects I begin & work into the rotation.

    An emergency project I began is the making of another birth announcement for my youngest son. The first one took me 26 years to stitch. Well, it was the ex-wife throwing it out that caused that project to move to the top of the list to be completed. I am currently 5/8 of the way completed. Happily I have found a framing shop that is comfortable with finishing stitchery projects! I just have to get it done so they have time to get it done.

    Each project is a bit like a therapy session – time set aside for myself, exploring in my head while my hands work, usually a good show on TV or NPR on the radio.

    Your challenge is that you like to start the new quilt/clothing/decoration. The Finish-along may help you to celebrate the completion of finishing a project. It isn’t the end of something is it really the beginning of a new phase as the project becomes a gift to someone else. It will become part of their life, and in turn their memories. What could be better? So, it is time for you to begin. . . just be firm about committing to completing.

    • Yes, I love to start! And I love to finish! It just seems like I start more than I finish! 🙂 I can’t believe the ex wife would have thrown something hand made away. So sad!!! Good luck on getting your project done!

  2. I love the idea of a finish along! But I don’t keep many UFOs (must take a look at this soon…) so it would do far less for me than for many people.

    Great set of projects you’re working on. Good luck with your quarter goals.

  3. oh a great list! I almost asked about hubby’s quilt the other night – I really like that. Glad to have you join us in the FAL – it’s good motivation!

  4. A finish-along is such a good idea! I could definitely benefit from this! Waaaay too many unfinished projects right now!

  5. A fellow ‘over achiever’!! And I see you are also a fellow ‘list-a-holic’… Great looking list of projects! Will look forward to seeing the end results! Happy day!


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