Healthy Lighting Workspace Makeover Giveaway from Verilux

I have been working on lighting in my craft room/sewing room with Heather, my new friend at Verilux for the last few months! And have we got a great giveaway for you today!!

Verilux - The Healthy Lighting Company

We redid our basement about 6 years ago and I think we might have put in the wrong size can lights, because they warm the upstairs floor. The basement, or what we call the 1st Floor, is where we spend a lot of our time because it’s our room, my son’s play room and it’s our craft room! And the lights that seem to be a problem are the ones in the craft/sewing room. So my husband and I were talking about how to fix it. And I’m not kidding, literally, a couple of days later I get this email from Heather asking if I could try out some of her lights!!! Would I like to revive the lighting in my craft and sewing room??? It was like she heard us talking…. So of course I said yes!


Next step… Happy Mail! Yea!!


So this is my room before the lighting revision. And yes, I have a bunch of stuff. Trying ot work on that… Remember my finish along.. We’re just talking lighting here! heheh!


And then after…. Can you see the difference? I didn’t edit my pictures at all, so I’m hoping you can see it. I can totally feel it! And see it! the colors are more real. And I don’t know exactly what it is, but it feels better to me.


Originally we tried the LED lights in the work room… Not so much. I have to say though, at first I was in love. the color for everything was right on. I didn’t feel like I got that yellowy color. But after a day or two, we all realized they just weren’t bright enough. My son even asked me to turn up the lights! So then Heather and I started chatting and realized yes, the LED are fantastic, but not what we needed in the craft room.

natural spectrum vs. conventional light

Have you ever used special lighting to enhance your creative endeavors?  When working on a project, it can be a frustrating to find that colors appear differently indoors and outdoors, as well as even under different lamps.  Verilux lighting products emit a broader spectrum of wavelengths, so colors appear truer.   So much so, museums have used their lighting to better illuminate works of art. Verilux fixtures and bulbs emit spectrally enhanced natural spectrum light, which research shows helps  us see better, reduces eye strain and fatigue, as well as improves our ability to process information, which is great for crafting, sewing and for the family work space! The graphic shows the Verilux difference compared to conventional lighting in the eye.

Moreover, just as we feel can feel better on a day full of sunshine, consumers often use Verilux lighting products to increase energy levels and elevate mood.  If you’ve ever heard of light therapy for seasonal affective disorder or the “winter blues,” you know that light can make a huge difference for people.



You can see the different between the fabric colors. The before on top, the fabrics have that yellowy look where in the after picture below, the colors are more real.

And remember about how I was saying the LED lights didn’t work in the craft room? Well check them out in my bathroom!


Here’s the lighting before!


And after! My bathroom is a very light blueish grey color. Not a taupey yellow…. The after is right on! It’s not as bright as before, but it makes the room the right color! I love it! I remember growing up, my mom had a make-up mirror with the right color bulbs for putting on her ‘face’ as she calls it. Now my whole bathroom is that way!


One more goodie to tell you about before I share the giveway! As a little bonus, I got this fantastic PageLight! I love it! In my house, I usually stay up later than everyone else crafting and blogging and such. But then when I go to bed, yes I do sleep, I like to read a little. I’m tried so many flashlights, etc. I had been using my iphone flashlight, but it was so bright and lit up the whole room almost. This is perfect. The light levels are adjustable and it only lights the book! Did I mention I love it????

And now what your really waiting to hear about is the giveaway and discount code, right???? Verilux has graciously agreed for one reader to make their very own Healthy Lighting Workspace Makeover! One lucky reader will get to enjoy the benefits of healthy lighting in your workspace with a Brookfield Desk Lamp or your choice of up to 6 bulbs to convert current lighting fixtures or lamps!!!

And every reader can start thier own  make0vers with 25% off Brookfield desk lamp!! Use Promo code: BROOK25, for your 25% off Brookfield desk lamp. (Promo Code valid until 8/15).

Ready to WIN? You have Three ways to enter! And come back and leave a separate comment on this post for each entry!

1. Visit Verilux and let us know your favorite product! Leave one comment. (one entry)

2. My blog followers get an extra entry. Click on the links to the right to follow. Leave one comment. (one entry)

3. Share the giveaway on your own social media, like FB, Instagram, your blog, twitter…. Leave one comment. (one entry)

That’s 3 possible entries! You must comment on this post to win. Open to both US and Canadian readers only. The giveaway will close on August 3rd at 11 p.m. PST, and we’ll choose one winner using

Thank you Verilux!! I love everything and I know my readers will too!!! Yea!!!


I have been compensated with either payment or product for this post. All opinions are my own, honest opinions!


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  6. I love the heritage lamp!

  7. Juliet H says:

    As boring as it sounds I love the good old spiral bulbs! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Juliet H says:

    I also follow via bloglovin!

  9. duchick says:

    My favorite Verilux product is the HappyLite Deluxe Energy Lamp…I have one and love it!

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    Pick me, Weezie!

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  18. Michele Timms says:

    What an incredible and amazing difference in lighting!!! Wow!! My favorite is the Original Natural Spectrum® Floor Lamp… It would be perfect for my sewing space!!

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    I follow your blog via Bloglovin’!! Thanks!!

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  21. I like the Happy Light!

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    My favorite product is the Rise & Shine® Serenity Series. Sounds interesting.

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  25. Lori Morton says:

    Oooooh…LOVE the Heritage Floor Lamp!!!! The light bulbs & tubes would be put in allll my other lights/lamps!! Sooo cool!! Thanks for the pic’s showin’ such a difference in your room!

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    I’m already a Follower thru Bloglovin 🙂

  27. Roxanna Smith says:

    My fav would be the Original Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp. I have a hutch on my computer/office desk & this lamp looks to be easily adjustable, according to what I am doing. NOTE: my current lamp sits on top of the hutch.

  28. Definitely the floor lamp…my favorite.

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  30. I think the HappyLight Deluxe would be great. I have a daughter with SAD, and I would love to have one of those – but I’m impressed by all the products, and I definitely see the better lighting in your photos!

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  32. The replacement bulbs are my favorite

  33. Gail Smith says:

    How right your are about getting the lighting right to be able to craft or plan or dream. The LED’s just aren’t there when it comes to ‘More light’; they do have the temperatures right, but WOW it makes my head spin trying to find the right temperature & wattage (or whatever it’s called) & physical size & color ! ! ! ! Aughhhhhh

  34. gibbspeggy says:

    I like the Happy Light – this would be great on cold rainy days, wouldn’t it?

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  37. brookfield natural spectrum floor lamp would probably work best for me.

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    I Like the UVC portable toothbrush sanitizer and a lot of products.

  40. I like the original natural spectrum floor lamp. I so need some better lighting. My sewing time is in th evening and many times I don’t sew because I just feel like I can’t see to sew.

  41. I love the clean wave vacuum!


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