My 1st T-shirt Quilt!

So last week was Kids Clothes Week over at Elsie Marley. Did you make anything? I usually make clothes at least once if not the whole week. But I was super busy finishing a quilt top! And it was made from a friend’s childhood t-shirts. So I was working with kids clothes…. Does that count?


A teacher from the kiddo’s school asked if I could turn her old t-shirt pieces into a quilt top. And of course, you know what I said…. Yes! I had them for way too long and I finally started my plan of finishing projects that are piling up under my ironing board…. Since hers was just the top, I figured it was an easy one to cross off the list!


Have you ever made a t-shirt quilt? Well, neither had I. I have started one! HA! That’s no surprise is it! Anyway… I got the pieces from her and she had already fused a feather weight interfacing to the piecing! That made my life easier, for sure. When I started mine, I didn’t use interfacing… Luckily I only finished one block. But the fusible interfacing really helps with the shirts stretching and also with combining different types of knits and if you are introducing other fabrics like we did on this one. The black is a cotton.


She had also started a little bit of it, so I knew the look she was going for. She had started two rows. So I continued with that, making 4 separate rows, then sewing the rows together. I like how that gave it a bit of an organic layout. I also like the black borders between the pieces being different sizes. A bit impromptu if you will!


It’s such a small world too. As I was making her quilt I knew I had heard of her high school, but couldn’t place where. Ends up, my co-worker went to high school with this teacher and was friends with her older sister! Funny!

So I handed off the quilt top to her and she’s having it finished by her mother, I believe! I really enjoyed working on it and it totally inspired me to get back to the one I was making for my family!


Have you ever made a t-shirt quilt?


  1. Sarah Helene says:

    UNIQUE IDEA . . . USED T-SHIRT FRONTS for the top of a quilt! FUN to recall those logos from T’s in various colors worn for several years & saved for posterity! No, I’ve never made any quilts. My mother made about 12 during her lifetime, 5 classic patterns when she was single. Later when all 7 children were “out of the house,” she made a wool patchwork quilt for each, the top of 100% wool pieces from skirts from 4 daughters plus other skirts she bought at Goodwill. All had a plain finer wool for backing, wool batting and all different. These were made during the early 70’s. THANKS for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

  2. Cathy Martin says:

    I made a t shirt quilt for my brother a couple of years ago. He has a musicfest on his land every summer. When it was 20 years, I took the t shirts (fronts and backs) and made for him. He was speechless. He is a tough, biker kind of guy. It was so fun to give to him. He still hangs it up in the shed at the entrance.

  3. Ya know what….I really!! really like the way you did it. I have been saving the kids’ favorite shirts over time to do one.
    So, no, I have never made one…not yet anyway 🙂

  4. This is really nice. What a great conversation piece, and I’ll better there are memories and stories attached to each favorite t-shirt. What fun!

  5. I like your black background. You can see a picture of my most recent T shirt quilt here:


  1. […] also made a quilt top for a friend. It was my first t-shirt quilt! This year I want to make more progress on the kiddo’s t-shirt […]

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