Dry Erase Notebook Tutorial

A few months back a co-worker got a dry erase notebook and I thought it was genius!! She had gotten it through a kickstater fund, but it was more money than I wanted to spend. And it was bigger than I wanted… So what did I do… I made some that were just right for me and my son!


I love making lists. A friend at work teases me about my lists! I love making them crossing things off and adding new. But then my list gets messy, so I have to start over… This is where the dry erase comes in! I can make my lists and erase and add new to my hearts content, without wasting paper or wasting time making a new one! Perfect!

And the other perfect thing about my book…. It cost me about 4 bucks instead of 30!!! So I’ll show you how I made it!


Gather materials! The secret is Dry Erase Poster Board! I found some on clearance, but a full size sheet is only 2 dollars. You’ll also need a couple inches of velcro, some posterboard (I used a decorative folder) for the covers, a piece of clear vinyl and some double stick tape. I guess I should say that mine only cost a little less than 4 dollars since I had the majority of materials and that doesn’t include the markers!


First, start cutting.  The Dry Erase poster board is 22 x 28 inches. My notebook is about 5 x 7, so I cut my pieces 7 x 11. One piece of Dry Erase poster board will give you 8 pieces. But! Wait! You also need a piece that is 6 x 1.5. This piece needs to be cardboard, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be the Dry Erase. You could also use a piece from your cover cardboard to make the most of the Dry Erase poster board.

I cut the pieces 7 x11 so that the pages are actually 5.5 x 7 to give some extra room for binding the edge.

You’ll also need to cut your vinyl into a 5 x 16.25 inch strip.


Then fold each of your sheets in half. (Sorry about the bad lighting…)


Next you want to tape each of the sheets together. I added double stick tape to the top and bottom of each page pretty close to the edge. The I also added another piece along the cut line, but I moved this in a little bit so it wouldn’t interfere with the binding.


Then come the marker bag piece! Sew on the velcro. Close to one end and then about 1.5 inches from the top of the other end. Be sure that you face the velcro in the right direction so that when it folds over it actually attaches!


For this step, poisiton the cardboard kinda centered in the marker bag and then fold over so the velcro secures. Put a little slight fold in the top. You’ll sew along the outside edges from the fold at the top to the bottom. DryEraseNotebook-Step6-ImFeelinCrafty

Cut your cover and back cardboard. You’ll need (2) 5.5 x 7  inch pieces.


And lastly, take to Office Depot or something similar and have the binding put on it. Be sure to take it with the markers in it so that you get the right size binding. But then take out the markers before the people actually the binding punches!


And you’re done and you have an awesome coloring book for the kiddo or a nice neat list taking machine for you!