May do.Good Stitches Quilt

Yes, I’m soooo behind on the May quilt. We are supposed to finish our quilts two months after our month, so this was supposed to be finished in July….


My group hasn’t tried to oust me yet, so my new goal is NOT take over our alloted time on my next one. I think I can…. I think I can… I think I can….


This quilt is one I designed myself. I know that there are other similar blocks out there, but this one I actually made up myself. It’s a paper piecing pattern and I’ll get it ready with the pattern here shortly!


I asked each group member to make 2 blocks. So all of the two colored blocks the members made. Then I cut and pieced all the large hexagons. Have you tried this? It’s easier then it seems!


For the quilting I randomly picked a hexagon, and started quilting in the ditch around that one. Then I randomly picked a width, about 1.5 inches and just kept going out from there. Round and round and Round we went. Originally I had planned on starting with one, then moving to another and another. But I liked it just coming from the one, so I went with it!


For the binding I chose to go with the same yellows as the background. I don’t know why, but I love the bindings to kinda disappear in most of my quilts.


A couple of the blocks were a little too small to use on the front, but I couldn’t not use them. And I think they made a perfect back piece!


All of our quilts go to My Very Own Blanket, an organization to get foster kids a blanket of their own!


I hope my group can forgive me for being a slacker with getting this one done!

AND…. This is my second finish in my third quarter finish along. I had five projects that I wanted to finish… I only finished 2. But 2 is better than none, right?


  1. oh this is very cool Louise! I love your design! And the photos – where WERE you?

  2. that’s a beautiful quilt. love the honeycombs and the yellow and all the colors. I hope it will bring some child a lot of comfort.

  3. Catherine Silling says:

    what a beautiful hexagon quilt, hexi-gone! you did a beautiful job and what a lovely excuse to make a quilt for someone you don’t know who really needs a quilt! I have re-read your finish along post from July and gone over in my mind what happened to my big plan to finish projects ……..and decided to set myself some major goals and jot them down, hang on my fabric cupboard in the sewing room and refer to it frequently. I have made 3 large quilt tops this year and none are yet quilted. I have finished one triangle quilt, inspired to start it by your post months ago showing the Chinese Checkers quilt you made. Although mine does not look anything like yours, I found the challenge of the equilateral triangles calling my name and was it ever a challenge. Morphed from all solids to half solids and half prints! I consider it my first attempt at a truly modern quilt. It has jagged edges on 2 sides as I chose not to trim the edges straight, but to bind it with a facing which does not show on front. I love it. thanks for “listening”! I enjoy your blog very much and your beautiful boy looks to be a joy to you! (my kids are 20 (twins) and 43 yrs. old. My granddaughters are 9 and 6 yrs. old and all are a joy to me!) Keep sewing!

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