Trick or Treat with UNICEF and me! Let’s help!


My family always make a point of being sure we grab an angel off the local giving tree, participating in the adopt a family at work and making sure we always get an extra gift or two to give to those kids that might not be having the super special Christmas that we have. Do I think about that at Halloween? Nope! Not until now! So when UNICEF contacted me about their Trick or Treat Program, I said yes! I’ll help spread the word!


One of UNICEF’s most notable traditions, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF began in 1950 as a way to help kids who need more than candy. Since then, children all over America have gone door-to-door on Halloween with UNICEF collection boxes and have raised more than $170 million. Adding an extra treat to this year’s campaign, actress, platinum recording artist and author Zendaya has been named the 2014 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Spokesperson.

Zendaya TOT BTS

For the first time in its 64 year history, we don’t have to carry around the little box! I know it would be hard for my kiddo to carry it around! Now you can raise money online! I’ve set up a fundraising page for all my readers and friends and family to donate!  Click here to go to our Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF fundraising page!

TOT UNICEF Halloween

What does this money go to you ask??  The money raised will help save and protect children by providing clean water, nutritious food, lifesaving vaccines and more.

$1 can provide a child with 40 days of clean, safe drinking water!

$5 can bring a hungry child back to health!

$10 can give 280 children lifesaving vaccinations!


I don’t think I ask too much from my readers, so I’m asking if we can each give a dollar or two or more, think how many kids we can help! I’ve set a goal of raising $150.00. When you’re out buying candy, maybe put one bag back and spend that $5.00 (or more) here on our fundraising page. For the kids that need clean water instead of candy!

We can raise $150.00, right? Let’s give more than candy this year right here!