A Giant Open Wide Pouch

Man, I am missing my sewing machine right about now!!! But that’s a story for another day!


Today I thought I’d show off my Open Wide Pouch! This is from Noodlehead’s free pattern, but I changed it a bit. I made it gigantic! I was planning my son’s backpack and first I had planned on using this pattern, but enlarging it to backpack size. Then as I thought about it, I realized it might not work. So I decided to test it in the Giant size!


I thought I’d just use scraps, but then I figured if I’m making it, it should be cute right? These are all scraps, but I think they turned out nicely together! And the yellow zipper was on the only long one I had. It seems very preppy to me! Does it seem preppy to you?


And for finishing the zipper end I had a piece of pink webbing that seemed to tie it all together! The webbing and the zipper are the exact same width, so it’s not perfect. But it works!


I took a picture with some thread to give you a sense of the true hugeness of it! It’s such a quick and easy sew/tutorial. I’m so glad I tested it before making the backpack for two reasons. One, it totally was NOT what I needed for that project. And two, I got a perfect new bag! Yea!

I wonder if Anna from Noodlehead knew she’d be famous! I loved listening to all these people showing off their bags and pouches they had made and saying, ‘It’s a Noodlehead…’ And we all knew who each other was talking about!


  1. Ooooh, you know that I am going to Love, Love, Love this bag! You are amazing on what you can make! I wish I could poof myself over to your house one day and you could teach me how to sew things like this! I bow to you, the Goddess of Sewing! ❤

  2. It is HUGE! Awesome! I love modifying patterns. I make her divided basket in two different sizes and people love the mini…I’ve made ~20 of them over the last year.

    Love your pouch. I do love the yellow zipper! And the black and white fabric…can you tell me more about it. I love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Is this the one you finished at the retreat? I love it! I need to make a biggie Noodlehead!

  4. I LOVE making the open wide pouch- and I’ve made some mini ones- but I guess I need to do a few giant ones for an upcoming trip! And I think it’s neat, too, how you can easily identify a person by their pattern!! EVERYONE knows Noodlehead patterns!! (I often wonder how someone gets so famous- in her case- it’s because she makes awesome things!!

  5. It’s so big and looks very comfy! Love this bag. You are amazing at this!

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