Ice Castle Kit In a Bag!

Calling all Frozen fans!! Or should I say, calling everyone giving a Frozen fan a gift this year!!


My son was invited to a Frozen birthday party last week and I was debating what to give. I wanted it Frozen themed, but I didn’t want it to be too ‘Frozeny’…. If you know what I mean!


Then I figured it out! Years ago I saw the DIY Fort Kit by Saltwater Kids. For real. I’ve wanted to make a DIY Fort Kit for YEARS! But I changed it up a bit and made it Frozen themed….




Most of the supplies came from the dollar store. We stocked it with clothespins, clips, suction cups, rope, double stick tape and fabric. And of course, you can’t have an ice castle without snowflakes! Now, here comes the expensive part… The fabric. The fort kit uses sheets. For this one, I wanted more of a see thru icy feel so I bought sheer fabrics. 7 yards of fabric that is! I used 4 yards of the iridescent fabric and 3 yards of the sheer. Then we did throw in a white sheet.


I also used ribbon for the ‘hooks’. I cut 6″ pieces of the ribbon, folded it over and sewed it on to the fabric pieces. I put a hook on each corner, one in the very center and one on each center of the long side… Does that make sense? But then on the white, I added a couple more hooks where I thought I’d need them. There’s no real rule here!


And I made the bag too… I kept putting off the bag because I couldn’t find the right fabric for it. One night I was going to stop by the fabric store and my son didn’t want to. I wish I could remember what he said, but whatever it was, it totally inspired me to make my own!



I just happened to have bought these foam snowflakes about 3 years ago and never used them. Perfect! And then I just happened to have a block of wood the right size. I just used some double stick tape and stuck the foam flake on there, painted it and stamped it! Easy!


Of course I had to try it out before I wrapped it! AWESOME! It made putting a fort together so simple. You have all your pieces right there. The hooks make it simple to rig it up to your furniture and doors and windows! My son really wants one, but he did request one, ‘that’s not a Frozen theme.’


What do you think? Are you off to the dollar store for supplies right now!!?? You can print the label here!

Would you add anything else? Let me know!


  1. I saw this idea years ago too and have been thinking each year I should make it for my son! Yours turned out fabulous, such a thoughtful gift!

  2. This is SO clever! I want to hear what the birthday kid thought of it!

  3. Sarah Helene says:

    Clever idea for an ICE CASTLE KIT in a bag, especially, clever to purchase items at a DOLLAR STORE! BRAVO to MOM, Stephanie! Sarah in Minneapolis

  4. Catherine Silling says:

    this must have made the birthday girl very happy, here I am, assuming it was a girl’s birthday. so cute. my granddaughters would love the ICE CASTLE KIT. but……they have already convinced me to make them REAL MERMAID TAILS, and I seriously doubt I can fit in any more projects than that before Jan. 1st.

    • Well, I have to say that this is super easy! I only hemmed the cut edges of the fabric. And the sheet was done. Just adding on the ‘hooks’! Oh, and the bag… But you wouldn’t have to sew the bag! Real mermaid tails are going to be fantastic!


  1. […] lastly, in December, I made a Ice Castle Kit, AKA a fort kit made of icey looking fabric. There’s also a printable if you want to make […]

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