2014 Favorites!

I started a little tradition a couple of years ago looking back at my favorite posts from each month! You can see 2013 and 2012…. I love just seeing how the kiddo has changed too!



In January I had a great time sewing for Project Run and Play despite the fact I was voted off the island first! I made this outfit for the kiddo and we had such a fun time doing the photoshoot, that it makes it to my all time favorite post of the year!

In February I made this huge tote for carrying my quilts around while I’m sewing on the binding and I just love it!

In March I did a tutorial on making sandwich/snack bags. We use them all the time and it sounds like yall have enjoyed making them too!

In April I did a tutorial on the little bow tie that I made the kiddo! I really loved his whole Easter outfit that this came from!

In May I blogged about this fun little dog cape that ‘Santa’ had brought to the pup.

In June I published my first quilt pattern, The ‘Gator Quilt! It was a long process with a bunch of wonderful pattern reviewers, but worth it!

In July I showed you our preschool auction that I helped with the decorations. I just love decorating for a party!

In August I made a really cool dry erase notebook (with a tutorial)! I’m still totally in love with this one! If you haven’t made one, you should! Nice, simple, inexpensive!

In September, as part of the yearly Sew Ready to Play series (which I now have links for all in one place), I made a boom box pillow to plug your iphone into! I think this might be my favorite project all year!

In October I released my second quilting pattern, The Bat Block. And made these bat pillows with it. I didn’t really want to pack them away after Halloween, but they didn’t quite go with the Christmas decorations!

In November, I shared how I re-upholstered our dining room chairs (yep, with tutorial). They are SOOOO much nicer now then they were. I’m still not sold they will be with us forever, but I gave them some more time with us.

And lastly, in December, I made a Ice Castle Kit, AKA a fort kit made of icey looking fabric. There’s also a printable if you want to make your own! I think it’s pretty cool!


Stay tuned, I have a couple more ‘look backs’ coming up! Do you have a favorite project I made this year? Is there something you’d like to see this year?


  1. You, my dear, have been a busy girl! I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year! As you already know, I am your biggest fan! Happy New Year!

  2. June was my favorite, with the gator quilt! Though I loved whenever you sewed for Max!

  3. What a great way to recap the year!!! It’s fun looking back at all these amazing creations :)…


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