Everything I Made in 2014

This is the last post about 2014! I love seeing it all in one place!


OK! So technically it’s everything I blogged about in 2014. There are a few things I made that I haven’t shown you yet, like the kiddos backpack and everything for a fantastic Star Wars party! And there are a few things in here that were technically made in 2013, like some of the Project Run and Play clothes. But who is really taking notes here? I figure it all evens out in the end, huh!?!

So last year it came to 82 projects (and a lot of them I made multiples of!). I was behind this year… Only 72 projects… I’m on a roll this year, so I think I’ll beat both years this year if I keep on like I have been so far!

All the tutorial pages, Sewing Tutorials, Crafty Tutorials and the Sew Ready to Play Tutorials are up to date now! If you see something with a bad link or a tutorial that doesn’t’ have a button, please let me know!

Any ideas for me for this year? Let me know! (not that I don’t have a list already, but I’d love to hear your suggestions!)

Happy New Year (again) and best wishes for another productive year! (I’m off to put the kiddo to bed so I can getting sewing! Oh, Friday, I love you!)