My Love Hate Relationship with Blogging and What I’m Going to Do About It.

Obviously, based on my last few posts of 2014 here, here and here, I’ve been thinking about last year. I’ve been thinking about my blog….


Here’s the Hate Part: Comparing…. Numbers….

Last year, I started off strong. But I got caught up in the numbers game of this blog. My daily numbers of views started to drop in 2013 when I went on vacation and they didn’t pick back up. The numbers started to get to me. And I think, I mean, I know it affected the time I put into showing you what I made. BUT… At the same time, almost every day I was getting notifications, ‘So and So is now following your blog through WordPress’ or through bloglovin’. And even more email followers! Which is great! It’s so exciting to get those emails. But confusing at the same time….. Lower views, higher subscribers, huh?

It means you’re not coming over to actually hang out with me. If I didn’t want to hang out with you, I wouldn’t be blogging! I love comments! I love getting to know the people reading my blog!

And you know what? In all this thinkin’, I realized I do it too! I read all the blogs I follow via email. So I get a TON of emails. And I read their awesome posts from the privacy of my email. I don’t go join them in their space of the blogosphere. Sometimes I’ll click over to pin something every now and then. But do I leave a comment? Um, not often.

But then I do that and I sit here and wonder why people don’t comment on my blog? Hello! Because we’re doing the same thing!  I’m hoping you really do enjoy what I do and enjoy reading about it. I enjoy it and that’s why I’m doing it of course. But I do hope you do too!

And then I compare…. I know you aren’t suppose to. But I do it. I’m human. I wonder why other people have more comments. More Instagram followers. More FB fans. And for that I don’t have an answer….


Can I get your help?

Can you tell me what you like and don’t like by filling out this survey, by clicking here! It’s only a few  questions! I’d love your feedback to start the year off right!

Please! Pretty Please!


The LOVE….

I love what I make. Most of the time! I love creating and making things. LOVE IT! And yes, I love sharing them. And I love the connections I have made over the years! That’s why I started doing the blog part of this in the first place, to connect with others that love the same things I do! (I’m glad Valentine’s day is coming with all this love to go around!)

You could say I’m kinda addicted to making and sharing!


What I’m Going to Do About It….

I  almost quit last year. I almost quit blogging. Not making things, but the blogging. But ya know, I love doing them both. So I didn’t quit.

I’m going to make a point to comment on other people’s blog. I’m breaking out of my private email world and joining in on other people’s blogging communities! yep.

And as you might have noticed I’m truncating my blog posts. So if you subscribe via email you should just be getting a little blurb instead of the whole post in your email. I’m not doing it to make you actually come hang out with me. That would be a bit controlling don’t you think? Last year I had a couple of instances of people ‘borrowing’ my blog posts and putting them on their blogs…. I’m flattered they like what I wrote enough to steal it, but, um, no thanks! And everything I’ve read says that truncating helps minimize this ‘sharing’.

I have a goal, did I have this goal last year??? My goal for this year is to finish all those projects sitting in front of my fabric shelves….


This is an old picture of my space and it’s a mess, but it doesn’t look like that now! I cleaned it to start the year off!

And I’m participating in the Sew Your Stash challenge! So far so good!

I hope you join me in another year of making! And did I mention I’m super into Instagram? You should totally follow me there!

What are you making this year? Are you changing the way you do anything?


  1. Tabitha Keener says:

    I just wanted you to know I LOVE your blog! One of the reasons I don’t actually visit your actual blog sometimes is because I get in a hurry and feel guilty about not getting any actual work done. It could be quilting, housework, paying bills, etc, so it’s not a reflection on you! I think it’s a good idea on the blurb, others are doing it too, and it teases you until you click to go to their blog. Hang in there, I will definitely put in more effort to come to your page and comment more often. It’s the least I can do for all of your awesome inspiration! 🙂

    tdkcarpenoctem (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. I’ve definitely changed a few things already this year. I am using an editorial calender which really helps me.

  3. Personally, I love seeing whatever you do! I try to visit and comment as often as possible both because I like seeing what you’re up to AND cause I like to support whatever you do! Plus I really enjoy your ‘voice!’

  4. I’m not a huge commenter on any blog but I do read it in my feed. Love to see what you are up to! Keep blogging…pretty please, especially if YOU like to do it!

  5. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    You have a great blog, you shouldn’t take it personally. 🙂 I follow HUNDREDS of quilting/sewing blogs via Feedspot, and just can’t read them all (not if I want to 1.) maintain a job, and 2.) actually spend time sewing). I scan through Feedspot a couple of times day, to read the headlines and that little picture (only one) that displays next to the blog. Sometimes a headline will grab my attention, but usually it’s the picture (colorful, different, sewing/quilt-oriented, something I might want to do/make someday, etc.). I look at Flickr more than Feedspot (several times a day, gulp), and it’s the same thing there. If something interests me, I’ll click further in, and sometimes will hop to a blog post from Flickr images.

  6. I am fairly new to all this and even I feel your pain. I think this might have been a rant or vent though. You obviously love what you do and obviously people do too! My problem with it all is not just the time it takes to do mine, which are currently pretty short (and sweet?). I am also concerned some days about how much time I use up looking at other people’s things, rather than working on mine! Keep on keeping on and inspiring others! Oh, and PS…I followed your Instagram too!

  7. New to your blog so figured I’d comment. I have nothing new to say about numbers – it’s easy to get caught up in that and I understand the urge – but I can say OMG THAT CARDINAL BLOCK IS AMAZING! Excuse the all caps, I was just overcome by its fabulousness.

  8. I’m guilty of loving blogs and rarely commenting. I look forward to your blog posts. I took your survey. I’m particularly interested in crafting for kiddos. I found your blog from your dragon wing post.

  9. Fran Daoust says:

    I didn’t realize that people who blogged wanted comments. I enjoy reading your blog and hope that you don’t give it up.

  10. Blog what makes you happy. Readers can feel that when they read, and will keep coming back….

  11. onceawingnut says:

    I totally guilty of not commenting on blogs! Partly it is the hassle of logging into my wordpress account. But, like some of the other commenters said, I love your “voice” in your blog, the projects are amazing, and your photography is to die for. I comment a lot on IG but I vow to be better about blog commenting, too.

  12. I think comments on blogs have dropped for everyone lately, people are more likely to comment on Instagram or fave something than to leave blog comments. It’s just faster! But who knows how things will change up.

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