The Kiddos BackPack

Ok, now this one is LONG overdue! This is probably one of my favorite projects from last year that I somehow never shared!


There’s no tutorial. There’s no pattern. This was a labor of love! I totally made it up as I went along! In hindsight, I wish I had made a pattern as I went. But I didn’t! I knew I could make it. The kiddo was super excited to design his own backpack. So we went for it!


The flap is the outside of the alien’s ship. And then when you open it, you see the alien driving his ship around in outer space!


I’m so glad the kiddo likes it! I didn’t have to buy too much to make it. So in that sense, it was cheaper than buying one. But in the amount of time it took to think about it, design it in my head and then put it all together. Um…. I’m glad there are no dollar signs to add up there, because that would put it way over the cost of just buying one! But it was so worth it! And now I know how to make it again!


I made a zipper top. I added in the flaps when sewing together the outside and lining. Topstitched and then added the zipper.


The straps are padded and adjustable. And you have to have a hanging hook, of course!


I also added little triangular pieces at the bottom of the sides for the adjustable strap. I got this detail idea off his last backpack that he said was oto baby for Kindergarten! But adding them to the side seam totally helps the bag lay right on his back!


Each side has an elastic pocket. These get used for sneaking legos into school…. But they fit a water bottle, if needed!


Yes, I added a name tag…. You know, just in case it was to get confused with someone else’s backpack… Ha!


And I added a quilted, velcro pocket on the inside. And I’m not sure this pocket has ever been used… Oh, well! It’s there if we need it!



As much work as it was, we had such fun putting it together! Dad was in on the alien design as well. It all started on a dog walk and the kiddo came up with a crazy idea. I had to tone ti down a little bit to fit on the back pack! I love how it changes from outer space to inside the spaceship!


He loves it! His best friend’s mom told me a funny story! Her son wants a new backpack so they were looking. Then her son said, ‘Max’s mom MADE his!’ I don’t think his mom was happy with me! I think she still likes me though!


Have you ever made a backpack? Maybe if I make another, I’ll make a pattern! I’m hoping this one lasts for next year too, though!


  1. That is the coolest bag! And so unique.

  2. How awesome! I love the green trim on the elastic pockets!

  3. Lucky lucky Max. This is so cool. I love the spaceship window!

  4. Robin Gentry says:

    This is so cute! I really like it! This gives me an idea of a bag for my 9 years old daughter! Excellent idea!

  5. Aww that’s a really cute spaceship, I love how it goes from outer space to inside the spaceship. That’s so creative x

  6. That spaceship is absolutely awesome. My space-obsessed son would love this (although he’s probably prefer an astronaut rather than an annual!). The details are fantastic. Love it!

  7. Jennifer Addis says:

    This backpack is awesome, and the story of how I found this blog is funny: I’ve been looking for a new backpack for my son, because the one we got him for kindergarten (this year) is already falling apart. I was walking my son up to school this morning, and we were waiting for the bell to ring to go inside, and we walked into the school behind a boy wearing the coolest backpack: this one!! I was so impressed that when I got to work I googled it to see if we could buy one like it. Well, it turns out it’s this one that you made! I’m disappointed we can’t buy it but sooooo impressed with what you made for him!

    • No way! Another Kimball cougar! Thank you. The kiddo really loves it. I asked if he wanted a new one for this year and he said no he wanted to use it again this year. And what a great compliment! Thank you!


  1. […] first backpack I made was really cool! I loved the alien backpack! It was designed by the kiddo and so is this one! I don’t know where the design came from, […]

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