A Heart Tree Pillow

Have you decorated for Valentine’s Day? Sitting here writing this, I realized I didn’t really decorate this year! I made a wreath and a ton of kiddo Valentines and my own quilted postcards, which is all WAY more than I usually do for Valentines Day!


I usually do a little something, but this year I’m in love with the hearts!


But this year I was just having so much fun with the postcards, that I decided to make a pillow. But I didn’t really want pink for the house. That’s when the whole tree thing hit me!


So I ran back to West Seattle Fabric Co and picked up some of the wood grain fabric from the Nutmeg line of Dear Stella! And got to work. Even ‘carving’ our family initials into the tree!


There’s still time to make yours! It’s really super fast! The pattern is available here. And you can just throw together an envelope pillow and boom! I think I’m going to keep this one out all year!


  1. This pillow is super charming! It is great to use the green background- you could easily use it any time of year, not just for Valentines Day. I had never done any Valentines sewing before this year, and I did two projects. Perhaps hearts are a (re)emerging trend?

  2. Louise, I LOVE That….the material is awesome!! So cute! Nice job!

  3. Gail Smith says:

    I have to say that I am not really liking having to click to go to another local when I open your emails. I would guess that you have your reasons for changing the format. The thing is, is that I can easily skip opening the email as there is nothing to catch my eye & keep me reading. I did get a lift out of the photos, writings/missives, links, tips.

    I have been trying to figure out my response to your changes, & being a slow thinker, more like a ponderer, I finally figured it out

  4. Your cushion is fantastic! Love the fabrics and the heart, great idea!

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