WIPs on Wednesday!

I have so much that I’m working on…. I didn’t have half of this until I decided to make my own mini Quiltcon right here at home, with a quilt class on Thursday night, a lecture on Friday night and a workshop on Saturday!


Well…. This one I’m supposed to be working on… But I’m nervous and haven’t quite started sewing anything yet….


And this one I was moving on pretyy fast until my quilting class bonanza! I’m hoping to finish it this week!


This is the one I started in my class on Thursday with Katie. And I did inherit most of the finished pieces from a quilting friend! When I finish it will be similar to these quilts of Katie’s.


And my improv start!


And lastly, I’ve still got to finish Dad’s quilt! I’m so close!!!

How many do you have on your list????



  1. All of these are so lovely but your design at the top is just GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to see your progress on it 🙂

  2. I have WAAAAYYYYY to many on my WIP and Want to Make lists!!!! The quilt design at the top of your page is stunning! And the WIPs are beautiful, too! Let’s hope we both keep making progress so we can show them off as finishes!

  3. That design at the top is awesome! Is it going to be paper pieced? Applique? I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    • The one on top is the Technicolor Galaxy quilt by Pile o Fabric. It’s a BOM quilt that combines a bunch of different techniques! It’s pretty fun. Just getting started on it this weekend!

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