Technicolor Galaxy- Update!

Ok. Can I just say I’m in love with this project? ok, thanks! I’m in love!


This is the Technicolor Galaxy BOM that I started a while back. I’m a bit behind, since I’m only just finishing the March blocks…. But oh, well. I’m hoping to catch up this month! ANYWAY…


Yep, it’s pretty cool! I liked the center. The design is intended for a rainbow quilt and I decided not to do that, but then I started really liking everyone’s rainbows… But once I got the star points done, I am back in love with my own fabric choices!


March’s block was very time consuming! There are 12 quilted blocks!



We paper pieced 3 sections, 12 times. Then sewed those 3 sections together, 12 times. Then quilted each section. It seemed like for ever, but when you make a whole quilt you do all this way more than 12 times. Maybe since I did it all at once, it seemed like forever?? Huh!


For the back of this set, I used the neon blue and quilted in white thread. Does anyone else see a Wonder Woman logo in the quilting??? That’s kinda all I see…


As everyone was showing off thier finished star points thier lines didn’t line up. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why all these people were ok with the fact that the blocks don’t line up. (you can see it with the blue and white striped fabric corners not lining up on mine in the top two photos.) But no one was saying anything about it… Then I realized… Seam Allowances. Hello! Once they get trimmed and sewn together, they will be fine and align quite nicely!


Right now the quilt measures about 36 inches across, for a sense of scale. I forget how big the final quilt will be. I’m so glad these blocks are done and I’m totally inspired to continue on with the last two months blocks! Yea!!








  1. Nice 👍👍 😊

  2. I have seen many of these and yours is my favorite. I love your fabric choices. Thanks for sharing it with us

  3. I have looked at this BOM several times, but honestly hated the rainbows. I was stuck. I love the way that you’re doing this! I love your quilt! It makes me sad I didn’t start and think out of the box like you, but it also inspires me! Thank you!!

  4. Great project and colors!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the your colors so much! (I’m going the traditional colorwheel) You are not the only one that is behind…two blocks behind for me!

  6. This is downright beautiful and I for one LOVE your fabric choices!!

  7. Wows a! This is one complex undertaking! So vivid too!

  8. dinglebobbins says:

    It looks fantastic!

  9. I’ve been enjoying watching this come along on IG! I love that you’ve done something non-rainbow with it. In my world, rainbows have been done so much they’ve lost a bit of their appeal.

  10. I am also doing this BOM with you. Got off to a slow start as I couldn’t decide what fabrics to use! I finally decided to cut into my precious Liberty and Oakshott for the center section. I am NOT a huge fan of rainbow, although I love what the others are doing – it just wasn’t “me”. So I’ve got a lime, magenta, grey, black thing going on. I just LOVE how your top is coming together. I’m behind now, with other commitments getting in the way – I’ve got blocks 3 & 4 to do, and quilting all the star points. I’m brand new to quilting – so I don’t want to ruin this top!!
    I can’t wait to see your next steps.

    • The one thing about about doing it piece by piece is that it makes the quilting much easier! So I don’t think you need to worry about messing it up! Try one, and you’ll see it’s not as scarey as it looks! It sounds like we’re at the same spot! Oh, I need to see yours! Sounds fantastic!

  11. I love your colors! I am working on this as well, and I stuck to the sample colors because it is overwhelming enough without having to deal with color choices. Bravo!
    ps: How are those hexies coming?

    • I love the suggested colors! I just had this color scheme set up for something else that I didn’t do, so…. Which hexi’s? The ones for this quilt aren’t done yet and I think I’m going to do them a little differently… And my double sided ones haven’t made much more progress!

  12. I love your color choices and the use of the stripe.


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