Seattle MQG Block of the Month Progress

I’m still loving the Block, or more fitting, the Border of the Month Quilt we’re doing with our local Modern Quilt Guild!


You may notice something different… I took a little detour before adding on the new blocks! I decided to quilt it as I go. Yep, I love a little QAYG action! All the little crosses were the May Border! Between the quilting and the May border, I have been working on this one A LOT lately!


I started quilting in the middle and did four sets of spirals over the first few months borders. It took a lot longer then anticipated, but I love how the spirals contrast with the Inside Out Pineapple Block!


For the March and April borders, I let the March block angle inspire the quilting.



And then comes the May border! Man! Time consuming for sure! But I love it! We used the Raspberry Kiss Block from Wooden Spoon Quilts. I was stumped on the quilting for this border though. So I continued to use Rachel for inspiration and quilted the border the same way that she quilted her Raspberry Kiss Pillow.  I used the cross to quilt a grid along the border.


I’m a little biased, but I think it looks pretty good so far!


And then I added the June border….


I’m not sure about this one… I like the border, but am worried it needs more of the white… I was trying to bring back the look of the green solid borders from earlier in the year. I haven’t quilted it yet, so I could replace it. But I don’t know if I want to do that either. Part of me tells myself to stick with my original plan and it will all work out in the end. Part of me tells myself to replace it…. Hmmmmm….


I’m just not sure if the green on green border is too heavy…. We’ll see if I change it. But for now, I’ll leave you in suspense! And I’m off to design the next border!



Hello? Where am I?

I don’t know if you’ve missed me or not, but I’ve been away unexpectedly….

There’s been a lot going on, including getting ready for our summer vacation. Getting the kiddo ready to end school. Getting the house ready for the house sitters….


But more importantly, one thing sent me in a tailspin. Our adorable little beagle passed away extremely unexpectedly. She was fine, I left for a couple of hours, came home and she was obviously not feeling well. My husband and I debated going to the emergency vet or waiting until the morning. She’s a beagle and like beagles will eat anything, so we thought it would be ok to wait. When we woke up she was curled up just like she was snuggled up sleeping comfortably. Even the vet said, but it looks like she’s just sleeping… Well, yes, but….

I’ve had many pets, but none of them have died this unexpectedly. And our pets are so much a part of our family that it has been a really hard week. Some of her beagle traits could be frustrating, but she was just the sweetest little thing and will be throughly missed. I’ve shed many a tear for her and still ask why she left us. We’ll never know the answer to that last question.


As ways to cope my son and I drew pictures of our fondest memories of her. She loved being hear the kiddo. I loved that when he’d go outside to hang out in the hammock, she’d be right next to the hammock. She loved ‘her’ place on the couch, even though my husband thinks it is his spot! And that’s me in the green chair on the computer!  And she loved chasing squirrels! She was also the only dog I’ve ever had that actually caught one before! Mostly they just taunted her in our big cedar tree.


And then we also went to our local Paint your Own Pottery place and made a dog to remember her by!

So, I should be back to normal here real soon! While I was grieving, I did sew a lot. So hopefully I’ll be able to show you some of those projects really soon!


Paint Chip Challenge Quilt Show

As you know, I made my mountain mini quilt for the Paint Chip Challenge with the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. I first showed my mini quilt on it’s own, but it’s now just a block in a bigger quilt!



We had a team blue, light blue, teal and grey. And some lucky ones got to add in a bit of yellow! We all made our own mini’s, 18 inches square. We knew that they were going to be hung together, but I know I didn’t have a good idea of what they would look like together!


The idea was a giant quilt! And that’s what it reads as for sure! The idea was to reflect on the idea that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts’!


The whole family headed out and my husband started snapping a few pics!


We had more quilts than would fit in the wall hanging, so we ended up with a 49 patch wall quilt and a 9 patch table quilt! All of the pieces were amazing!




The show is at Dry Goods Design in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood. I wondered about the color palette for the paint chips. They are simliar to our quild colors, but not quite our colors. Then I didn’t think much more about it until I was looking at my pictures and saw this one… The colors are totally the shops colors! The light blue and darker blue of the logo, the shop has a lot of grey inside and a pop of yellow with the chairs! I get it now!


If you’re in Seattle and happen to be downtown… Or even if you aren’t downtown, you should head there anyway! The show is up through the end of the month!



Rainy Days and Mondays Bag Pattern Review

I was so excited to get to test The Littlest Thistle’s latest pattern, the Rainy Days and Mondays Bag!


I’ve always been intrigues with bags like this! How do you sew in the lining?? I’ve never known and I’ve always been intimated… But now I know and it’s not hard at all!


The pattern is now available in her shop and it’s really such an easy sew. It’s not the quickest sew, but it’s a good one and well worth the time you put into it! The pattern also has great tips on sewing with laminated fabrics. I choose to use vinyl instead, though.


This. zipper. This zipper top has spooked me for years! ONly to realize that it’s not hard at all! Hello! You’ve got to try it….


The pattern also has all sorts of fancy details that help add ot hte very professional finished look. I love the adjustable straps she likes ot include in her patterns. Like this one and the Mini Messenger bag that I tested for her.



And I love the inside fabric! I used to make bags and I always loved making the inside a bright contrast to the outside. I was looking through my stash and kept coming back to yellows and greys, until I spotted this hot pink print! The instructions for the inside pocket were perfectly simple! Oh, yeah!


Have you ever put feet on a bag? I haven’t! Until now!


You should be sure to check out the other bag testers on her blog. I love being a tester especially for things for me. I’m so bad at sewing for myself and this makes me sew for me by a certain date! I’ve already been using the bag for a camera bag. I want to make a few additions for the camera, but it’s just the right size!

do Good Stitches Quilt

My bee mates might be a little annoyed at me… It took way to long to get these pictures to them!


This is the quilt I ‘designed’ for the February do Good Stitches bee. I say designed in apostrophes, because I did wrote the tutorial, but I can’t claim it’s totally my own idea. I’ve seen similar around, but you can check out the tutorial to make our own here.



Once I got all the blocks, the quilt top came together super easy!


I love how even though each block is by a different person, it looks like it was made by one person! All the pieces are perfect together!


I’ve also gotten to where I rarely use one color for the binding. I love different colored bindings!


We started sending pillowcases with our quilts, so I choose to match the back to the pillowcase that was sent along. I don’t have a picture of it. hmmmm. But it’s red and yellow and green. I’ll have to take a picture!


The back shows the random striaght line quilting better than the front. On the front it starts to blend in with all the piecing. But it stands out l=nicely on the back!


We always put on our labels!


Another picture of the front with the blue binding! My husband LOVES this one. He keeps trying to come up with ways that we can keep it. So far none of his ways have worked. So it looks like another one of these is in my near future! Only I wont have the group to help make the blocks!



And I can mark this off as 1 of my Q2 Finish Along finishes!
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


My Vintage Quilt Collection is Growing!

Ohhhhh! I’m so excited! In the last month or so I’ve added 6 new, well, technically old quilts to my vintage quilt collection!


Four of them I kind of inherited…. All of them I saved from Goodwill!


Some are more awesome than others, but they all were made with love by someone! And I can’t wait to show you them all!


The first set of four are the ones I ‘inherited’. Our Modern Quilt Guild got an email from a man that was about to take a bunch of family quilts to Goodwill, but decided to check with us first to see if anyone was interested. Myself and one other guild member jumped at the chance to save them from the clutches of Goodwill! My guild-mate picked up the quilts and then decided she didn’t really want any of them. And I wanted them all, so it worked out perfectly!

Once I had the quilts, I emailed the man who had them to find out more information on them It ends up that his mother and grandmother had made them. They both spent a lot of their lives in New Orleans and his mother graduated from Sophie Newcomb and then got a master’s from Tulane. My alma mater! What a small world! I love it!




The orange quilt is my most favorite of my whole new collection! I was worried I was going to have fight my guild mate for this one! Just kidding! But I’m in love with it! LOVE! It’s fantastic! It’s bright! It’s orange! It’s vintage! It’s in fantastic shape. It’s traditional, but by using the solids only it becuase a very graphic and modern feeling quilt all wrapped up in vintage love! This one was made the ‘donor’s’ mother, who was born in 1917 and lived for 94 years!



This is another very graphic and traditional one! I don’t know if the mother or grandmother made this one. I think the grandmother made this one. But the mother may have quilted it. The top fabric is very aged, but the back fabric looks a bit newer, so it looks as if someone quilted it later than the original top.



Now this one is interesting! It looks like a plain ‘ole white quilt. But, oh, no! It’s so crazy! It’s all white. yes. But it’s a bunch of little pieces of white, hand sewn together and then hand quilted! My quild-mate showed it to me and said she didn’t know if I’d be interested in it. It’s not, obviously, a very intriguing quilt design by any means… But the quirkiness of the idea of sewing together a bunch of the same colored fabric is so fascinating to me! This one was also made by the ‘donor’s’ mother.




The last of the four New Orleans quilts is this Dresden design quilt. It’s been very much loved! It’s in pretty good shape, but there are a few pieces of the dresden that are falling apart. According to my ‘donor’ this one was made by his grandmother and was the most used of the four. He said, ‘the multi-colored quilt was I believe the most used.  For many years it was on my mother’s bed.’


And then there are two more that I saved from Goodwill! These two I know nothing about. I don’t know that they are old. But I do know that they are handmade and they were both intriguing to me enough for me to bring them home!




This first one I found and loved the stars! Not so much in love with the border. I have thought about changing out the edge, but I don’t think I will. It’s kinda growing on me. It’s the quilt! I also can’t come up with a new deisgn! For this one I paid a whopping $14.00!



And lastly, the blue and green cross quilt! Another Goodwill save. I think it’s funny that these two finds both have the funky pointed edges! And why does this one not have the points on one edge? Did they get tired of making them? Is it the top that would be covered by a turned over sheet? No idea! The mystery of the find! And for this one, I paid a whole $7.00 bucks! Yep!


And that’s my new collection! What I love about it is that they all have different edges! All the other quilts in my collection have the traditional plain edges. But not this set! I’m just in love with them all! And I’m in love with the New Orleans connection in the first set!

Do you collect quilts? I love them. But I don’t have a good way to display them…. What do you do?