do Good Stitches Quilt

My bee mates might be a little annoyed at me… It took way to long to get these pictures to them!


This is the quilt I ‘designed’ for the February do Good Stitches bee. I say designed in apostrophes, because I did wrote the tutorial, but I can’t claim it’s totally my own idea. I’ve seen similar around, but you can check out the tutorial to make our own here.



Once I got all the blocks, the quilt top came together super easy!


I love how even though each block is by a different person, it looks like it was made by one person! All the pieces are perfect together!


I’ve also gotten to where I rarely use one color for the binding. I love different colored bindings!


We started sending pillowcases with our quilts, so I choose to match the back to the pillowcase that was sent along. I don’t have a picture of it. hmmmm. But it’s red and yellow and green. I’ll have to take a picture!


The back shows the random striaght line quilting better than the front. On the front it starts to blend in with all the piecing. But it stands out l=nicely on the back!


We always put on our labels!


Another picture of the front with the blue binding! My husband LOVES this one. He keeps trying to come up with ways that we can keep it. So far none of his ways have worked. So it looks like another one of these is in my near future! Only I wont have the group to help make the blocks!



And I can mark this off as 1 of my Q2 Finish Along finishes!
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side



  1. Love the modern designs!

  2. onceawingnut says:

    Lucky you! I’m glad all these quilts found an appreciative home. I love that orange one, too!

  3. Kathleen Eadie says:

    I have watched your cottage industry grown, and I am forever amazed at your work and you. The quilts are fabulous.

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