Paint Chip Challenge Quilt Show

As you know, I made my mountain mini quilt for the Paint Chip Challenge with the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. I first showed my mini quilt on it’s own, but it’s now just a block in a bigger quilt!



We had a team blue, light blue, teal and grey. And some lucky ones got to add in a bit of yellow! We all made our own mini’s, 18 inches square. We knew that they were going to be hung together, but I know I didn’t have a good idea of what they would look like together!


The idea was a giant quilt! And that’s what it reads as for sure! The idea was to reflect on the idea that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts’!


The whole family headed out and my husband started snapping a few pics!


We had more quilts than would fit in the wall hanging, so we ended up with a 49 patch wall quilt and a 9 patch table quilt! All of the pieces were amazing!




The show is at Dry Goods Design in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood. I wondered about the color palette for the paint chips. They are simliar to our quild colors, but not quite our colors. Then I didn’t think much more about it until I was looking at my pictures and saw this one… The colors are totally the shops colors! The light blue and darker blue of the logo, the shop has a lot of grey inside and a pop of yellow with the chairs! I get it now!


If you’re in Seattle and happen to be downtown… Or even if you aren’t downtown, you should head there anyway! The show is up through the end of the month!




  1. This is pretty awesome! You/hubby got some great shots!

  2. What an impact all the blocks make together! Such a great idea and would be so much fun to do with our guild too!

  3. Sarah Helene says:

    REALLY AMAZING huge wall “quilt” as all 49 squares (created by 49 people) plus 9 more quilted squares grouped on a table and displayed at DRYGOODS DESIGN in Seattle. FAB to see your participation in this UNIQUE “challenge!” What a COOL idea: “the whole IS greater than the sum of its parts!” I spent time looking closely at the detailed quilting of many squares — lovely & creative in the few colors/hues given in the Paint Chip Challenge with The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. BRAVO to all 58 quilters! I agree with Debbie: “pretty awesome” and Jayne that this is a “great idea” and “fun” for other quilting guilds! Thanks for sharing photos, Stephanie. Sarah in Minneapolis

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