The Beach Quilt

I finally got another quilt finished and photographed!


My friend Monica, from West Seattle Fabrics, sponsors our Giveaway Days and sometimes I get a fat quarter bundle as well! Last fall the bundle included fabrics from her Beach Bum shop. I didn’t know what to do with it at first. I’d never made a quilt from a fat quarter bundle before, so what to do?


Then it hit me! The blue is like water…. The jellyfish are underwater…. So those became the beach and the waves!


And the bright colors reminded me of the beach umbrellas!


So put it all together and a beach scene is what you get! But I like the modern feel of the beach scene. I’ve had some friends not see the beach scene and some do! Perfect! It’s graphic and ‘scene-y’ at the same time! I don’t want it to scream BEACH! I want it to be an abstract representation of the beach.


We don’t have the bright white sand and bright beach umbrellas lining the beaches here in Seattle, but it does remind me of warmer beachy climates like back home!


The back is nice and bright! I used the rest of my fat quarters on the back and added the stripes and bright teal solids.


For the quilting I used a nice wavy stitch pattern. My machine doesn’t have this stitch pattern, but my machine is in the shop. Again, my friends at West Seattle Fabrics gave me a loaner while my baby is being repaired. As much as I hate not having mine, it was perfect timing to get to quilt this one with this stitch I wanted to use!



I struggled with the binding! I really wanted to use my friend Debbie’s matched binding technique, but decided it would be a bit much to attempt for my first time using her fancy binding style! So I decided to pull a color that matched both the ‘umbrellas’ and the jellyfish. And I think it turned out just right!


I’m debating, publish a pattern of the quilt? Or just enjoy it? I’m going to enjoy it, no doubt! It’s a really simple pattern, so I keep thinking I should share! And as for the fat quarter bundle, well, I used it all! I did have to supplement it for the sand. And for the sand I used an array of creams.

For the fabric patterns, see the post here.

And it’s a finish for my 3rd Quarter Finish Along list! (and maybe my only one!)

I have been compensated with either payment or product for this post. All opinions are my own, honest opinions!


  1. This is a great use of the fat quarters. Really effective and fun at the same time.

  2. Sarah Helene says:

    WOW! AMAZING “free” quilt design with blues/water design in upper right & the strong diagonal of bright orange & yellow as “jellyfish” for your new creation! BRAVO! Certainly many followers will comment that they LOVE this quilt design & colorations as I do LOVE it! Sarah in Minneapolis

  3. Oh, I’d love a pattern for this! 🙂 I totally see the beach. 🙂

  4. This turned out really nice and I totally see the beach scene.

  5. Charity G. says:

    I love it. Totally got the beach vibe.

  6. Gorgeous

  7. It’s unexpected and unique! Love it! You must share it with everyone.

  8. onceawingnut says:

    You’ve already got oodles of comments encouraging you to publish a pattern and you can add another. Your design is graphic and modern. And, best of all, it “stretches” a fat quarter bundle into a usable quilt. Those FQ collection bundles are too tempting but hard to break up when they come all wrapped in a pretty bow.

  9. What a cute idea! Very smart!

  10. I love this quilt. It’s such a simple but striking design!

  11. This is such a fun quilt, I love how you used the fabrics with the negative space. I’m visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad.

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