Dad’s Quilt

Is finally done!


I don’t know if you remember or not, but three Christmases ago I told my husband I’d make him a quilt. For Christmas I gave him the design and the fabric for Christmas! He was super excited! Ok, maybe not. He was excited to get a quilt, but not about unwrapping a pile of fabric!


Well, it took forever!



But I finally finished it! It’s just so big that it was hard to maneuver. I realized I’m not so great at really big quilts!! I believe it’s about 96″ square. I’ve since started to use QAYG on the larger quilts. But the trickiest part was squaring it up! How do you square up a quilt that is too large to lay out in any room of your home?  Not very easily I learned! Any tips would be appreciated! I had to square it up before I took it to The West Seattle Fabric Co for them to actually quilt!


And the back! I actually love the back! I don’t know if I love it more than the front, but I might! I submitted it to Quiltcon, but it was rejected… I wonder if I had submitted the back if it would have gotten a better response? hmmmm….


The center of the back was from a Round Robin I participated in at a Seattle Modern Quilt Guild retreat. I started it and then three other added on to it, all while a timer is ticking away.


Like I mentioned, the quilting was done by The West Seattle Fabric Company and it looks great. I was just so ready to turn it over to someone to finish this one!  Too big and heavy for me and my machine. I now understand why people hire people to quilt quilts!


And I can finally cross this off my Finish A Long list!


  1. Charity G. says:

    Gorgeous. What an awesome gift. Love the front and the back. Definitely would have a hard time choosing a favorite side. Great job!!!

  2. Great quilt. Isn;t nice to get a project, long over due – DONE! My gifts often span a year or two. Initially gifted with the best of intentions – often planned on it being THE NEXT project, then life or an emergency arises and that gift is shelved along with possible ? last year’s too Me bad.

  3. It’s so nice to see this one DONE! And yeah, that’s pretty big to quilt on our home machines. I’ve done so once or twice but it wasn’t fun! So did hubby get this for THIS Christmas? I bet he really is thrilled about it now…

  4. Interesting story, especially since I did the same thing. I plan to blog about the quilt I made for my daughter this year. The blog is written, just not posted yet. This is a great quilt in masculine colors and I like the modern design…on both aides. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Louise! I love this quilt and the small part I got to play in this palette when we did the improvement round robin at retreat! I really love this quilt.÷

  6. Improv…auto corrected and I missed it.

  7. Ruby Thompson says:

    How do you print the instructions for the Sun Catcher ? I love the design they were to as gifts to some of the teachers at my school. I would like to make them as well for the other teachers that didn’t received them.

  8. This is great Louise.


  1. […] Last quarter, I had ten things on my list! I finished four of them! I finished the glitz quilt, Dad’s quilt, The Inside Out Pineapple Quilt and the rag quilt (I just haven’t blogged about that one […]

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