The Making of a Nursery- Part 3 Bed Skirt and Crib Rail Cover

Ruffles and Ruffles, oh my!



Being a mom of one son, you can imagine that I have not had a lot of experience with ruffles! But after these two projects, I feel like I’ve made up for lost ruffle time! Man!!!!


It almost looks like a can can skirt here with all the ruffles! The funny thing is, I made it and then took it to my son’s room and told him it was for his bed. You could tell at first he didn’t want to hurt my feelings and say no. But then he couldn’t hold out and was like, ‘NOOOOO! No ruffles in my room!’ To make the bed skirt, I followed The Ribbon Retreat’s tutorial. It was fairly simple, just the ruffling took some time.


First, I hemmed all the ruffle pieces.


And my new serger skills blossomed! I serged every edge of the flat panel pieces. Then the top edge of all the ruffle pieces. Then pulled all the ruffles into ruffles. And sewed them on following the tutorial.


And this is how it looks laying flat out!


I don’t have a crib set up, so I unfortunately can’t show all the pieces in context… But I tied the crib rail bumper or cover over our bed instead! This piece is intended to keep the kids from chewing on the crib. My kiddo didn’t do too much chewing on it, but I didn’t even now this was an option back a few years ago!


For this project, I totally winged it. No tutorial, just pictires online of what the new Momma wanted! I had the length I needed it to be and then divided that into 3 parts and made equal curves. This is the top!


And this is the underside.


And the ruffle! More ruffles! This one seemed to take forever! But I made a big ring or ruffles. And I sewed together with all the pieces, fleece right side up, foam, the ruffles pinned around the edge with the ruffle towards the inside, the ribbons pinned at the inside of the curves and lastly the minky back fabric face down. Sewed it all together with an opening to pull it through and then hand sew the hole together.



I think the whole nursery ensemble came out just adorable! Beautiful! My friend lives about 3,000 miles away, so I haven’t been able to see the whole room put together. But I know it’s got to be adorable! And that’s the end of my mini-series of The Making of a Nursery. Did you do much sewing for your child’s nursery?





  1. All your pieces turned out really cute. I had ever heard of those rail covers either but see how great they are.

  2. I am the mom of 3 boys so our house is seriously lacking in ruffles too. But now I have some nieces, and a ruffle foot for my machine and I can’t wait to try it. This set turned out beautifully!

  3. I have been trying to find a pattern for the ruffled and scalloped crib rail cover. I am re to sewing and I have a lot to learn. I recently just sewed my first rag quilt! Yayy! But my little girl is due in November and I can’t find a pattern anywhere.

    Can you talk me through the steps of what to do? Do I need to see opposites sides together then turn inside out so the right fabric is faving the outside. Do I sew the ruffles first? Do I see them to the fabric while it’s inside out? Do I need to sew the fabric for the ribbon inside or does that get sewed on last? So many questions. I hope you can help.

    • Sorry for the late response. I think most of these questions were in the post, but here’s some more info: Make the ruffles first, then stack all the pieces. Fleece pieces right sides together, foam, the ruffles pinned around the edge with the ruffle towards the inside between the fleece, the ribbons pinned at the inside of the curves (also between the fleece pieces) Sew it all together with an opening to pull it through and then hand sew the hole together. Hopefully that helps!

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