Junior Ranger Badge Banner Tutorial

Since Spring Break is coming up for us and is happening around the states, I thought I’d share something we like to do on our vacations! We love to visit State and National Parks and do their Junior Ranger Programs!


Do you like to do this? I love it because the kiddo will put down that silly tablet and actually take the time to enjoy where we are. You have to actually look at where you are and draw pictures of what you see. Sit and listen and draw what you hear. Some have scavenger hunt type activities. Each place has different requirements for getting a badge, but they are all pretty easy and fun!



And you get to collect cool badges! We’ve gotten all sorts of kinds. Fabric ones, buttons and the more traditional versions… But then they come home and get stashed somewhere with the other souveniers…. So I knew I could make a little something to display the badges!


And after we started collecting, my husband found this vintage badge at his Dad’s house!


So, I’ll show you how I made it! You’ll need felt- tan, dark brown and green. You’ll also need some fusible interfacing, a little bit of ribbon and some sticky back felt letters. Ignore the wooden dowel. I thought I would use it, but decided against it. And I used a picture of a ranger hat to get the right shape.


I printed the hat that I found online here, on 11×17 paper. Then cut it out!




Next, let’s cut out the pieces you’ll need. Cut the main hat pieces from the tan (2) and the heavyweight fusible interfacing (1). Cut down the pattern to the band and then cut it out of the brown felt. Lastly, cut out the green banner, 10×22, and angle one end.



Trim the interfacing down about an 1/8″ all the way around and iron it to one side of the hat piece.



Use a bit of glue to just secure the band and then topstitch it in place.


Stack the front and back of the hat with the banner in the middle. Then sew all the pieces together.


Add the letters.


Center the ribbon and sew in place.


Then hand in place and start collecting (and finding…) those Junior Ranger Badges!


Enjoy Spring Break!! I can’t wait!






  1. That brings back some fun memories – our son did that at several parks and really enjoyed it.

  2. aquilterstable says:

    Very fun! We have a national park passport and enjoy visiting parks and getting our passport stamped!

  3. Thanks! I was looking for ideas of how to display our kids’ Jr. Ranger badges, and this is perfect!

  4. I love this! Does anyone want to make one for me? 😉

    We have about a dozen or so badges with several more planned soon!!

  5. I just took my toddler on a trip to NYC, where we visited the Statue of Liberty and he earned his first badge. I found out about the Junior Ranger program after doing a little research before our trip and I am so excited to start collecting more on our future adventures. We are a military family so we move often and this is a fun keepsake for my little one to look back on. Found you on pinterest and I am so excited to make this for him to display his badges. Thanks!

    • Love it! That’s awesome! We started when mine was a toddler too! we love them. There are tons on monuments in NYC that have the program, too. There are also historic forts in the National Park system that have the badges. And National Seashores, etc! Tons of ways to get more! (I’m kinda obsessed!) Have fun!

  6. Patrick Perti says:

    My children collect Junior Ranger badges and patches, and I was wondering if you have any for trade or sale.

  7. Lisbeth says:

    Hi! I’ve had this pinned for a while and finally made it today! I’m a former NPS ranger who never got to do Jr. Ranger programs as a kid. So now as an adult, I love that parks will let me (and other adults) do the programs! The picture you used is no longer there, but it wasn’t hard to find another in it’s place. I tweaked it a little for the hat to read “USNPS” since that’s what my ranger hat says. Thanks for making such a great tutorial!

    • That’s awesome! I do them too sometimes, especially when the adults get a different patch or badge! I love it! And thank you for being a ranger! I did update the link to a pdf if you ever need to make another one!

  8. Susan Hall Lewis says:

    I’m making this as a birthday present for my Junior Ranger-obsessed 7-year-old grandson – but help! the link for the ranger hat doesn’t work now. Any help appreciated! Thank you—

  9. Linda Nagle says:

    What size letters did you use? I could only find 2″ letters and they are too big for the band. I printed on 11 x 17 paper and my band is only an inch and 5/8

  10. I can not open the tracing the jr ranger hat. It wont open. Is this still available


  1. […] Jeff Bowen from a National Parks facebook group let me share this fun, find the tutorial on I’m feelin crafty. […]

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