Seattle Modern Quilt Guild BOM 2016

Here we go again! I just finished last years BOM and now I’m starting the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild 2016 BOM!


Our first block is Strings. I loved making this one!


Our awesome quilting member Matt, AKA on IG as odditease, is designing this years quilt. Or should I say designed. this is his version. So this is where we’re going with it.


I totally want to make a whole whole string quilt! This is an improv quilt. I don’t know that mine is actually 100% improv though…. I haven’t measured any of my fabric. I haven’t used a straight edge to cut the fabric. I haven’t been measuring my batting and I’m doing it as quilt as you go again. So what do you think? Improv or almost improv?


I’m using random pieces of batting to make up my ‘blocks’ from my pile of batting scraps.



Next I randomly cut a bunch of strips and then sewed them together at a random angle. See, no measuring! I started sewing with the middle stripe and then worked my way out from there.


Then I squared up my block. I still didn’t measure anything, but I did square the block. I think this might be where the improv starts to deteriorate. But I like it!


On the last BOM quilt that I did, I also did it as QAYG, but I wasn’t consistent about ironing my seams open and sewing then in the right direction or leaving more than a 1/4″ seam. This time I’m using a 3/8″ seam and ironing opening. With the bulk of the batting, it helps to have a larger seam allowance to iron the seam.


I noticed after I made two blocks that both at the print in one corner, so I kept going with it for the other corners and I love how it turned out!


So with each block, my plan is to include a bit of the next block. So I haven’t sewn together this block.


And then I moved into the second block. The March block is Triangles. See how I added a bit of the triangles into the strings? I think I like it. What do you think?


Again, there’s no measuring or anything. But check out those grey lines and how they connect! Pure randomness that worked out perfectly!


I am a part of critique group and one of the members said it looked like her aunt’s dress from the 70’s…. She said it was a compliment, but I’m not sure.


Now I’ve got to get the April block done!!! Sqiggles, coming up!


  1. Sarah Helene says:

    The color choices are unique: yellow, gold, white, grey with a strip of grey print! I love the RANDOMNESS . . . Strips & triangles so far! Anxious to see the completed quilt! Thanks for sharing.

  2. aquilterstable says:

    I really love where this is going AND your idea of using some of the next block….

  3. Rochelle Summers says:

    This is looking great. I think the batting stabilizes the fabric so it lays flat. If the batting in the seams is too bulky, you could trim it out (ugh!!). I don’t see grandma’s dress anywhere. How detailed are the instructions you get for each month? Are the dimensions for the blocks? Pictures?

    • The batting doesn’t actually help it lay flat! At least not for me! I don’t think you really could cut out the batting, since it’s quilted in each piece! Once I start quilting, the extra bulk doesn’t make a difference. I was just not consistent on my last one. This one is much better! Well, last year, the instructions were all written out and dimensioned, etc. This year, since it’s more improv, the directions are much more loose. Anyone can sew along! Just check out the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild blog and you’ll find all the directions there!


  1. […] And again, like in the last two blocks, I overlapped the months blocks on each […]

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