Technicolor Galaxy Quilt Update

I took a LONG break from this one and finally got it back out!



I finally finished the outer circle. It’s 3 blocks, 4 times… 12 blocks. I did take some liberties on these blocks!


The first one I did was supposed to be orange peels… But I hated them… I tired to do them per the directions. Didn’t work out. Then I tried them my own way… Still didn’t like them. Ok, the truth is I couldn’t make them. They looked horrible! So I branched off and did cathedral windows. They kinda resemble the orange peels. Maybe? Anyway, I like them!


Next up was the hexie flowers…. Well, I didn’t want to do flowers. The idea is that this quilt might go on my son’s bed, and I didn’t want flowers. So I did a little random hexie thing!


And lastly, the moons. Easy peasy. This is the same circle technique I used for my sports quilt. Love it!


And here it is all put together! Well, not exactly PUT together, but laid out together. I just have one border to go! I can do this!




  1. Wow, just wow! That’s one of the most amazing quilts I’ve ever seen. Your son is a lucky boy to be getting such a wonderful gift.
    I look forward to seeing how you’ll connect the pieces together and what technique you’ll use.
    Again wow!

  2. aquilterstable says:

    oh it’s looking SO good! You are so close!

  3. Rochelle Summers says:

    What a wonderful quilt!! Yes you can do it. Want to see it when you are downe!!

  4. Interesting design and I like the colour. Very unusual but works brilliantly.

  5. This is just amazing…I can’t stop scrolling back up to look at it. The colors and shapes play so well together! Just WOW!

  6. jcintx65 says:

    Ditto to all the above “Wows!!” This is so striking! I too can’t wait to see the next posts!!! Visualize all of us cheering on the sidelines! !

  7. WOW! Really, wow! You are doing the “quilt as you go” method on all these. How are you going to piece them together? Im mighty curious and would love love to see how it all end. You boy is one lucky boy! WOW.

  8. OMG! This is beautiful! I wish I had the patience to work on something like this.

  9. You are definitely i the home stretch. Great choice to do the Cathedral Windows.

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