Finish Along Quarter 3 2016

Yep, you guessed it… My list is going to look pretty similar! And it’s long again… I am making some changes though….Ready for this?



OK. First up… and it will be my first finish from this list becuase I’m quilting it tonight…. The Weight of Love quilt from Libs Elliot. I’d also like to get the second one done too!



I do still want to finish my Riley Blake Challenge quilt. I totally missed the deadline on this one, but I still want to finish it! And I’ve decided to combine it with the EZ Quilting Challenge triangle quilt challenge…. Totally have the design figured out, so I’m finally excited to make it!


I’m working on the Technicolor Galaxy Quilt again! And really close this time. I think it might actually happen!



This month is my month as quilter for my do.Good Stitches group, so I’ll want to get that one done ASAP!


I’m also inspired to finish this one using the quick curve ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful! I have a great idea of who it is going to go to, so I’m inspired again!


And I’m so close on this one…. I’d like to get this one done, too…

I’ve also been asked to participate in Skirting the Issue with Simple Simon and Co! This year they are adding quilts to the skirts, so I’m super honored to have been asked to participate! I have a design, now need to start!

Ok, this list is insane long… AGAIN…. But I want to get these DONE!!!!!!!!

2016 Finish-A-Long


  1. Rochelle Summers says:

    These are all great goals. And I see you are so close on several of them. It doesn’t help that you have to go to work AND try to meet the goals. But you are making progress!!!

  2. aquilterstable says:

    Cool you are CLOSE on several!! I love so much of what you have going here! 😉

  3. Lucky you to have so many gorgeous projects on the go! Thanks for linking up to FAL2016 on behalf of your team of hosts


  1. […] And this is also a finish on my Quarter 3 Finish Along! […]

  2. […] And this is also a finish on my Quarter 3 Finish Along! […]

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