Wild Kratts Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone for your interest in the Wild Kratts Giveaway! I’m surprised there wasn’t more interest, but I’m assuming everyone was so excited that you just went ahead and bought your own! If not, you can here.


I’m thinking that my readers with Wild Kratts kids aren’t local. Good to know!  Now to what you’re waiting for… The Winner is….

drumrollplease1 copy

And here’s my traditional drum rolllllllll……

Comment #2!


via Random.org

Yea! meg! You’re the Winner!


And thanks again to Wild Kratts for letting us share our tickets with one of our readers!

And if you don’t have tickets, order yours today!

The show is at

McCaw Hall at Seattle Center

Sunday, September 25, 2016 • 1pm & 5PM (1PM is basically sold out so all links will be for the 5PM show going forward)



  1. oh how fun! My kids are huge wild kratts fans, but we are not local.

  2. woohoo! sweeeet! exciting news:)

  3. My son would love this, but Albuquerque makes it less of a good idea. Have fun!

  4. prairiesummers says:

    Oh, I do wish they would come to Canada. My 4 year old’s dearest wish is to meet the Kratt Brothers. She absorbs all the information from the show and then “lectures” everyone who is willing to listen. Makes me so proud to be her Mom 🙂 jen.neef@web.de

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