Another Quilt for my Vintage Quilt Collection

Most of you probably know I collect vintage quilts. I have a bunch. Way to many… When we go antiquing my son tries to steer me away from vintage quilts… Silly kid. He doesn’t know I have some weird magnet that draws me to these things….


This one is my newest! I don’t know how old it is.


But I do know who made it and where it’s from! It’s from Clanton, AL. It was made by Beulah, a lady who worked for my great grandmother. It’s been in our family since then.


Each block is sewn on with a zig zag stitch. My stepmom said it was in better shape, not as many frays, until it got cleaned. It’s so hard to know how to clean vintage quilts! Different ways and different results for each fabric. And how they react to however you clean it, age can set in and give you results you weren’t expecting. This one was professionally cleaned.




My vintage collection is growing. There are some I use, but so many that I am afraid to use becuase I don’t want them to need to be cleaned! This is one that I’m keeping in a special place and not using. I wish I had a larger house to display them in! One day! They are all works of art!


  1. aquilterstable says:

    How cool! It looks BIG too!

  2. What a treasure! That plus is you know a little of its history!! I don’t collect the vintage quilts as to the old scraps that are found in the most unexpected places.

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