Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Hello there! Long time no see… I’ve missed you and thought of you often, but alas, I haven’t written. we went on vacation, then school started and I headed off to a quilt guild retreat. Now it’s all about party planning! ANYWAY….

I’ve never participated in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, but every year I say I will, then I dont… I’m going to this year, gosh darnit! And I’m going to share the quilt I made for the #whatshadeareyou series with RJR Fabrics earlier this year!

I started with one design that I didn’t like and at the last minute switched to this one and am so glad I did! Raindrops on Wildflowers! As I was quilting it, I debated, one big spiral or three spirals? The whole family agreed on three circles. The kiddo said it was like raindrops in water!

The quilt block is obviously something I just made up, but then I realize it was full of inset corners! Ergh… But I remembered they aren’t so bad and I pretty much mastered it! Well, for this block at least! I’ll post a tutorial soon.

The quilt came from a Quilt Design A Day inspiration photo! I Love seeing the QDAD designs turn into a real quilt design. For more on the inspiration check out this post.

And the back is actually a really fun polka dot fabric. The front had to be solids, but you could choose anything for the back. Obviously I had different intentions since it was a different quilt design I ordered the fabric for, but I like the polka dots and stripes together!



  1. aquilterstable says:

    Perfect quilt to share! What an inspired design, and Iove how the quilting shows it off!

  2. Good pick, it’s my fav of yours.

  3. I love this quilt & design, can’t wait for your tutorial. I’m also intrigued with how you kept the quilted circles, circles! Mine would soooo turn into amoebas!!! Please add some tips on that too, thank you for sharing!!!

  4. How beautiful!!! Your kids are right!!! Rain drops on water. I Love it!

  5. What a neat design! Love the color and the quilting.

  6. The colors and designs are so eye-catching! I can’t wait for more so I followed you on Bloglovin’. 😉

  7. a very happy quilt !

  8. what a fun fun quilt!!

  9. This is the sweetest thing! Such a unique and playful design, and the kiddo’s comment on the quilting is spot on! Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a beautiful quilt. I am inspired.

  11. Beautiful! The more I see modern quilts, the more I like them!! Great colors, great pattern design, and great quilting.

  12. Such a challenging design! The whole package turned out beautifully. From design to color selection and from piecing to quilting, the quilt turned out great!!

  13. I love the colors in this and the mix of curves and angles – and the quilting is perfect for it!

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