Finish Along Quarter 4 2019 Goals!

It’s that time of the year again! To post the Finish Along Quarter 4 Goals! I didn’t finish anything from Quarter 3… I got closer on a few….

I did get these blocks pieced and the quilt is basted. It is just waiting to be quilted…

I also want to finish my Halloween quilt before Halloween! The top is done! So I’m really close. I just need to throw together the back, baste it and quilt it… Can I do that in the next couple of weeks? I’m going to try!

That’s my list! I’m keeping it short this fall because I really want to make a more handmade Christmas this year. What’s on yours? Be sure to join in!




  1. Go to town on that Halloween quilt! Even if you’re binding it as you answer the door for trick or treaters. It’ll be SO good to have that one done!!

  2. I am working on finishing the 3 bed sized quilt tops i made last year. have backings pieced on two of them but since i cannot machine quilt due to lack of skill at machine quilting, they will probably languish once i get the backs pieced.

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