Flamingo Pouch

My mom recently had a flamingo themed birthday party, so when I saw the flamingo pattern by Quiet Play, I knew I had to make her something using the flamingo pattern! And I’m totally in love with these 3D Flamingos! ha! I also used them on her party invites.


The pattern is for a 12″ paper pieced block, but I reduced it in half to get a 6″ block for the pouch.


I added a little back pocket to the pouch.



I had this coral fabric that I bought because my flamingo loving mom is also totally in love with coral. I’ve had it for ages knowing I’d have a good reason to use it for her. And this worked perfect with the pink flamingo on the front. You can also see the outside pocket was lined with this fabric as well.

I also love the pink zipper!



What else would you use this pattern for?? I love it and want to use it again!


  1. Michele T says:

    Well, that turned out great! I’ve never done any paper piecing that is quite so intricate, that would be a challenge!

  2. That pattern is stunning and the pouch just perfect. Not sure how I would use the pattern again, but I would make these beauties in every color possible, to see how they might inspire you. Now to think of ways to use the pattern I am going to order.

  3. Wow! So cute! Those trimmed seams must have been so thin! Great gift idea & use of pattern — bag & flamingo!!

  4. Joan Hinchcliff says:

    This is fabulous, I love it! I may have to borrow this idea for a flamingo loving friend.

  5. Kathy Harris says:

    That is so cute. Perfect lining fabric too.

  6. Super cute! Downsized like you did, it would make darling summer coasters!

  7. Sadie Jumper says:

    Love this!

  8. What a cute and adorable Pink flamingo crafts.

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