I Really Do Care, Do U?- Vote!

The US election is in less than a week. Have you voted? I have. And you probably know how I voted. I’m lucky enough to live in WA and I have voted by mail in ballot and my voted has been counted.


Do you recognize this? It is definitely not an original graphic image. What’s that word the MQG likes to use?? Derivative? Yep, it’s derivative alright…. But I did make a little change, from Don’t to DO!

I was recently watching a show that mentioned how fast the news changes. One day you are on the front page, the next day, the public has moved on and won’t remember. I’ve shown this to a couple of friends who had forgotten the inspiration behind it.

Image via CNN

This image of this coat on a very important person (to some people) on her way to a very emotionally and politically heated location was seared into my memory. I will never forget this. I will never forget the statement she was making as a part of and for this administration, as it is clearly a feeling the administration has for about half of our country. This is not an administration for all.


I have never made a politically motivated quilt. My quilting usually doesn’t make a statement. Quilting to me is a way to disconnect from the world and the heaviness that I can’t control. It’s my therapy per se! Kinda like that shirt that I love, ‘I quilt so I won’t kill people.’ That’s totally me!


Making the letters was a little harder than I imagined it was going to be! For each one I did a version of the inset circle tutorial I have on the blog. Just not always circles! Not all of them look exactly like the jacket I was trying to recreate, but I think I got pretty close.

Another technique I used was just curved piecing.


If you look closely, check out the quilting. It’s actually hard to see, but it does say VOTE. Our way as Americans to make change is to VOTE for those who we feel will represent us and our ideals in the law making. There seemed to be a lot of apathy in the last election, but I’m hopefully that this election year has brought out the power of the VOTE for the upcoming younger generations.


And the back… A little play on our flag… I had this red and white striped fabric sitting on my shelf for about 10 years now, so I was so excited to use it. I took it down and it had these stains on it. I was so bummed!


Sitting next to the striped fabric all these years was also this red and white gingham that is very Americana to me. An upcycled sheet waiting for it’s new life! It was big enough to use as a whole piece. But as I was standing there, looking at it, I looked up and saw this bright blue fabric (Cotton and Steel Freckles) with the little ‘stars’ on it, I had to throw it in there!


I always throw in a label photo….


A little behind the scenes, ‘Are you done yet?’ Ha!


I had so many Halloween makes planned, but this got in the way…

I really do care, do u?


  1. Thank you for this post and the heart and thought you put into this – and the beautiful quilt. I didn’t know the story of that deplorable coat. Your post has given me heart – and hope. I live on a so called safe spot in WA – an island – and people are defacing campaign signs that are not republican. such ugly behavior but i too am grateful for living in WA state and i hope we can turn this back around to human decency and kindness again! Your quilt is beautiful. Thanks for making it.

  2. Mary Howland says:

    I have voted already and I was so excited when I mailed my ballot and then received confirmation it had arrived. Then I checked and my ballot was counted. Yippee! I admire you spending so much time making this quilt – in some weird way it reminds me that the person wearing this coat must have intentionally bought this coat to wear at a time when she wanted to make a statement. It’s not like buying a jacket to keep you warm or a black sweater because it will go with lots of outfits. That coat was a conscience decision and done consciously. I hope you will enter it in the MQG’s show and I pray that by that time, the coat is history not to be repeated.

    • She very much did it intentionally. I did not enter it in the show. Technically it’s derivative of the coat design, so I didn’t feel like I should submit it as my original design. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I felt! I love it and I needed to make it so it serves it purpose! Thank you!

  3. Beautiful quilt and powerful message, thanks for sharing!

  4. Nancy Lewis says:

    So refreshing to see someone that does care for our democracy. I will vote today from Missouri and though this state is typically a red state, my vote will be like yours. We cannot take four more years of this lunatic.

  5. Very powerful, and a couple of photos in, I realized what the quilt said – what a perfect addition! Thanks for using your craft to share an important message!

  6. Great Job! I did, I do and I have ❤ Thank You!!

  7. Thank you for making this meaningful quilt!

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