Quick Key Chain Tutorial

I recently made a group of projects for a Graduation Gift. I had used almost all of the fabric I was using for this group of gifts, but I had just a little bit left. Thinking about what else I could make, I thought… a Keychain! That would be easy enough right? So I ordered the hardware…


After I got the hardware, I went to work and within about a half hour, I had this! And that half hour included taking all the pictures and figuring it out. Since you won’t be doing any of that, hopefully it will be even faster!


The dimensions are a little loose here. This is the scrap I had, so I was a bit limited on the length! For most of the ones I did, I tried to hit about 10″ in length.


For this one, I used cork for the wider, background piece and just the regular quilting fabric for the thinner accent piece. For the background piece, I cut this barely shy of 2″ wide. And the accent piece, I cut 1.5″ wide.


Fold over the accent piece, wrong sides together. Sew the length with a scant 1/4″ seam allowance.


Iron the seam allowance open. While you are ironing it open, keep the seam centered so that seam allowance stays centered down the middle of the accent piece.


Now you are going to sew the accent onto the opened background fabric. Fold the background fabric in half (but don’t sew it together yet) and center your accent fabric. I did not pin anything. I just eyeballed it and aligned it with the outside edge. Sew one side down and then the other.


Then fold the background piece in half and stitch as close to the edges as you feel comfortable.


The next step is the last one! Adding the hardware. I ordered the hardware from Amazon. Mine came with the wide nose pliers, but I’m assuming you can use any pliers.


You just fold your keychain in half, set it inside the key fob and use the pliers to close it on the fabric keychain. And you’re done!


I’m super excited how it turned out! So excited that I made more!


I made a couple with a cotton background and one with just vinyl.


For the fabric background, I used cotton with interfacing. I cut a piece of fabric 3 1/2″ wide by 10″ long. I also cut a piece of fusible interfacing, Pellon 809 Decor Bond, 2″ wide by 10″ long.


Fold the fabric in half, center the interfacing in the middle and iron on. Then fold the sides in toward the center along the edge of the fusible interfacing. You should then have a 2″ wide background piece.


Then continue on with the accent fabric as noted above.


I also had these awesome printed vinyl samples that I thought would be fun to make into a keychain as well! I just cut the length in the sample in a 2″ width. Then folded it in half, sewed the edges and added the key fob bit!


So many options! You could end use a piece of ribbon over a background fabric. Super easy stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays! What fabric would you use????


  1. They look SO good Louise! You know I’ll be tryint your tutorial. 😉

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