2020 Temperature Quilt

Another 2021 finish, my 2020 Temperature Quilt. I believe temperature quilts are becoming more relevant as we, as a global community, are all experiencing climate change and the drastic weather consequences that come along with it firsthand.  It is no longer a scientific theory that we can’t see, but is now becoming a true impact to our daily lives.


I’ve been wanting to do a temperature quilt for a while. 2020 seemed the perfect year to do it. There are so many cool designs out there for temperature quilts. If you know me, you know I have a thing for improv quarter circles…. There’s one here, and here, and here. So why do the temperature quilt in improv quarter circles as well!


Each block is 3″ x 6″ and it ended up making a rather large quilt! A bit larger than I had planned somehow! The finished quilt is 61×92 inches. My husband asked why I made it so big… I didn’t have a good answer!


This picture shows where the curved quilting meets. I started one curve in top left corner and the other int the bottom right corner and just kept going. Around and around and around…. Until the two met.


I was not one of those people that keep track of the weather very well. Some people write it down every day. Some people make their block every day. I’m not that organized! I used weatherchannel.com monthly calendar for the daily highs, lows and daily weather and would usually do at least one month at a time.


For the back I tried to use as many left over scraps from the front as I could. And I made a legend for the front, because I know I won’t remember in a year or two! ha!


The main color of the block is the high for the day, the improv circle is the low for the day…


And the stripe is the weather, cloudy, sun, snow and rain.


And the label and you can also see the start of the circle!


While I was doing the legend embroidery, I also added in some covid! The first little red piece was when Covid hit the Seattle area. The second one was when school was cancelled and the whole world started to shut down. The intent was to add another one once lockdown was lifted. Only that didn’t come in 2020….


I’m really happy about how it turned out! Now there are going to be two other quilts coming from this one. First, another temperature quilt for the first year I moved here, almost 20 years ago. I want to see the change in the weather! And then of course, a scrap quilt will come from the scraps!

Have you made a temperature quilt? How did you keep track of the weather?