A Baby Quilt

Here’s an oldie but a sweetie!

This one was finished in 2019 (that’s the oldie part) for a friend in the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. A group of folks made blocks from a color scheme and block, sent them to me and I put it together.


I just happen to be buddies with the Momma’s Mom who gave me the inside scoop on some colors going on in the new baby’s world that was being created!


I asked guild members to make flying geese blocks with a little added piece on the side. Pretty simple. A 2.5×4.5 inch flying geese block and the added piece was 2.5×3.5 inches. Then I put them together!

This is the same way I put together my Left and Right quilt, which was done with an online quilting bee group that I was a part of.


The best part of making these blocks with a group of people is the different shades of fabric and how they play together. When I do my own, I usually end up using the same fabric, but the blends that come from a group of people makes it so much more interesting, IMO.


And I through in a little matched binding….


I used a few extras flying geese for the back and pieced some larger pieces of the pink, blue and purple fabric.

It looks like I glued the binding before hand stitching it…. I think I was working under a deadline and needed to photograph it between the rain so I must have done the glue thing to get the pictures in!


I think it turned out super sweet! I do love a good flying geese quilt!