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The Magnetic Bookmark, again….

This might look familiar to some of you… The magnetic bookmark is actually a tutorial I did to share with my pal Jenny at The Southern Institute. Today I am reposting it here on my blog as well.

And….  Oh, my!! I’m so excited! I was just looking over at The Long Thread for something and ended up re-reading her post on the Top 100 Tutorials of 2011… And my bookmark made the cut! I’m so honored! I love The Long Thread! Wow! I don’t know how I missed it the first time I read the list. But I was just looking and noticed she listed a magnetic bookmark so I went to look closer and noticed that she was linking to Jenny’s blog and I knew it was my tutorial!! ahhh… LOVE IT!

Today I wanted to share my tutorial on a magnetic bookmark. I saw something similar and in good Feelin’ Crafty fashion, I said, ‘I can make that.’ So here it goes!

Step 1: Materials:Scrap Fabric Sew-In Magnets (or any magnets will work really, but I like the sew-in ones) Scissors and/or Rotary Cutter Thread

Step 2:Make the front and/or back. For mine, I did a patchwork side and a one piece side. So Step 2 is to set up the patchwork side. Lay it out and sew it together. So if you want to do the patchwork piece, this step is for you. If not, it’s kinda like the choose your own adventure books (remember those as a kid??) move on to Step 3.

Step 3:Cut the front and back sides to both be 2.5” by 6”.

Step 4:Sew pieces together, right sides together, leaving about a 1” hole.

Step 5:Trim the corners and pull the ends through.
Step 6: Now that it’s right side out, iron the seams flat.
Step 7: Insert the magnet. I try to keep it on one side of the stitch allowance so that it fits down at the bottom just right. Also, don’t forget to make sure that you have your magnets facing right before you sew it closed! You don’t want the magnets to repel each other, because that won’t help you save that special page you were reading.

Step 8:Topstitch. Another tip… The magnets liked to attach themselves to my sewing machine and not let the ‘teeth’ pull the fabric through. So I try to remember to hold the magnet up a little bit as it gets close to the metal teeth on my machine. So, if you are using the sew-in magnets, the magnet will be sewn in while you are topstitching. If you have a regular round craft magnet, you’ll want to also topstitch just above the magnet to keep it in place.

Step 9: Wahlah! You’re done! Turn off the sewing machine and pick up a book. You will no longer have to try to remember where you left off!
Has anyone else made one of these bookmarks?? A group of local moms in my neighborhood have formed a book club, so I’m frantically trying to actually finish one of the books on time! But even if I don’t finish the book, I always know where I am since I have my handy bookmark!
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Magnetic Bookmark Tutorial Over at The Southern Institute

Hey there! Today I’m guest blogging over at The Southern Institute!

Be sure to check it out and check out my magnetic bookmark tutorial!

Sew Ready to Play Backgammon with The Long Thread

I have some good and bad news… We’ll start with the bad… I’m sad to say, but today is the last day of the series… ahhhh… Enough about that! The good news… We have a great guest, Ellen from The Long Thread!! Ellen has a fantastic blog, fantastic fabrics and a great book, 1, 2, 3 Sew! I was lucky enough  to win a copy of this really cool book and I have to say it does have some great projects in it! I’ve been a fan of Ellen’s work for some time now and throughly enjoy reading her blog. You can only imagine how stoked I was to find my Magnetic Bookmark listed among her Top 100 Tutorials of 2011. Wow! 🙂 Yes, I was blushing! If you haven’t checked out her blog before now, you must! Well, after you read this…

And Welcome, Ellen!!!

Thanks to Louise for inviting me to be part of her clever Sew Ready to Play series! Today I’ve made a skirt inspired by the playful geometry of a backgammon board, which makes me want to actually get the game and teach my kids to play. I remember playing as a kid and think I loved the board as much as the game. This simple elastic waist skirt fits sizes 4-6, but could easily be adjusted to other sizes, even for adults! Use the triangle template to make patchwork for a quilt, a tote bag or placemats. If you want to be more faithful to the backgammon design, you could use two solid shades of fabric for the triangles and even make two bands of triangles facing one another.

This skirt was made with my new fabric collection for the Japanese company, Kokka, which will be available in stores in early 2013. Here I used this linen/cotton blend with a lightweight gray chambray cotton. This graphic skirt is perfect for fall paired with tights and boots, but light enough to wear year-round. Happy sewing!
Click here for the directions!
And you can check out another version of the skirt at Moda Bake Shop!
Ellen Luckett Baker is author of The Long Thread, where she writes about her adventures with sewing, crafting, and kids. Her book 1, 2, 3 Sew was recently published by Chronicle Books and her follow-up book, 1, 2, 3 Quilt, will be released Fall 2013. She has designed two fabric collections; the first for Moda, which is in stores now and the second for Kokka, which will be available in early 2013. Ellen lives in Atlanta with her husband, two daughters, and a growing number of pets.

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Sew Ready to Play Hopscotch with The Southern Institute

Yeah! Another day of playing!! Today it’s hopscotch! Who doesn’t love hopscotch?? I’m sure everyone who’s been reading my blog remembers my friend Jenny from The Southern Institute! We’ve shared on each other’s blogs a few times here and there. I just noticed that my magnetic bookmark is one of her top ten posts! Very cool! Thank you Southern Institute readers! I have to say, one of the cutest and easiest projects on her blog is the super hero cape project. I made one for my son and he still wears it. And wears it around town. It’s brought many fine memories to our family and I’m sure there will be more!

And without further ado…. Welcome Jenny!!

Hi there! This is Jenny from The Southern Institute and I’m so excited to be a part of Sew Ready to Play. I had a lot of fun coming up with something for last year’s series, and this year was no exception. I really love to sew, and I wanted to incorporate a little bit of practicality in this year’s project. My mind immediately went to Hopscotch, a game that I LOVED when I was younger, and still love to play (although it has been awhile). I cruised the internet a bit looking for some Hopscotch “Pin-spiration” and came across this rug, which I thought was soooo much fun!

It seems to me that kids need storage, places to keep their special things. Storage in a child’s room needs to be fun, so I decided to make this hopscotch hanging pocket organizer! Here’s how I made it.

You will need:
  • canvas background (20″x48″)
  • 7 canvas squares (8″x8″) for the pockets
  • 7 strips of canvas (8″x1-1/2″) for the pocket edges
  • thread
  • webbing or some kind of strap (1-2 yards, depending on how long you want the hanger to be)
  • one dowel rod
The Steps:

Repeat the above steps for all seven pockets.

Isn’t that fun? Let your little ones have fun putting their special things into the pockets. They can practice their numbers while they put their things away! This is such an easily customizable project… make it with any designs that you want and make it your own. Thanks for letting me share with you today! If you haven’t already, come on by The Southern Institute and follow along. You’ll find tons of inspiration there, and a community waiting to welcome you.


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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season where ever you might be and whatever you might belive!

I’m going to start this post by taking a peek at some of my favorite projects from 2011.

Curious George Dressed Up Like A Monster, Project Organization, Halloween Paper Cut

Magnetic Bookmark, Pillowcase Dresses, Dr Seuss Party

Winter Paper Cut, Monster Towel, Fabric Flower

I decided to start by looking back because I needed a little end of the year boost….

Should I make a New Year’s resolution??? I don’t know! My life is so up in the air right now! I don’t know what to do! I’ve been looking for a job, not very intently by any stretch of the imagination. there aren’t many jobs out there for my profession at the moment. Here’s my dilemma… Do I take this opportunity to make my sewing, or crafting, or photography my new profession? I’m grappling with a huge confusion over what to do, how to do it, how to plug in…. I see so many wonderful bloggers writing books, having huge blogs that generate an income (Or a bit of an income anyway), being featured on TV and in magazines and just in general making it by making their creative spirit work for them, and I’m not… So after having said all this, I am taking this time off from work to enjoy my family and my creative spirit! So maybe my first New Year’s resolution should be to take that huge leap of faith to try something different…

image via Dear Musketeer 

I’ve been reading a bunch of other end of the year posts and what I have found the post interesting is despite everyone’s beautiful blogs and happiness that oozes from our daily and weekly posts, not everyone has had a great year. But a lot of us don’t blog about the things don’t make us smile in our personal lives. Yes, I’m sure plenty of people do, but the blogs I follow, you just don’t hear much about ‘those other’ things.

Then Yesterday I was in my end of the year blues and came up with a long list of pity party themes!! And I wanted to write a long blog post detailing everything that I didn’t do this year. I won’t bore you with the details…. Athough for entertainments’ sake, I will tell you the broad range of themes I came up with to sulk about…. Some about blogging, some about my unemployment status, some about my parenting skills, some about my life not being ‘exciting’ enough, some about my lack of architectural prowess, and just some random things….

Luckily for us all my brain just kicked itself in the arse and by the end of the evening I was making fun of myself for some of the thoughts I had!

Then today 2 things happened! I decided to sit down and look at my blog and pick my favorite projects! And secondly, I read this blog post by decor8 about listing your accomplishments rather than your to do list or resolutions that didn’t get done…..

One of my pity party themes was about blogging and being featured on thier blogs. Then I realized, (as my son says) ‘WHAT????‘, I had a great year! And part of that was being featured on other blogs!

My Owl Barn, Prudent Baby, Sugar Bee Crafts

Madigan Made, Freshly Pressed, Stitch Steals

Celebrate the Boy, All the Dragon Wings made by readers and more, The Southern Institute

Thank you, a huge thank you, to all those that featured me and those that made my dragon wings! And thank you to all my guests this year. And lastly, but not the least for sure, thank you to all my readers! You’ve helped make my blogging and crafting/sewing year a success!

image by Drew Melton of The Phraseology Project via Twig and Thistle 

Sew Ready to Play with The Southern Institute

Introducing once again, the fabulous Jenny from The Southern Institute! If you’ve been following this blog for a little while now, you know that  Jenny and I have become pretty good pals and have enjoyed sharing on each other’s blogs. We met over comments about washing detergents and the rest is history! She shared her Indoor Herb Garden here and I’ve shared my Magnetic Bookmark tutorial there.

And I’m honored to have her here again! Welcome Jenny!

Red Rover Tote Bag
from The Southern Institute

Hi everyone, Jenny here from The Southern Institute!  I was so excited when Louise asked me to be a part of this series.  What a fun idea!  I had a hard time choosing a game to go with.  It came down to Heads Up 7Up or Red Rover for me.  I loved both of those games as a kid, but when I mentioned Heads Up 7Up to friends, there were a few who looked at me with blank stares.  Everyone seems to be familiar with Red Rover, however, and so was born the idea for the Red Rover Tote Bag!  Here’s a little tutorial for you.

Supplies needed:

  • tote bag (you can buy one or make one using this tutorial)
  • freezer paper
  • exacto knife
  • cutting mat
  • fabric paint
  • fabric paint brush
  • brown paper shopping bag
  • a large scrap of fabric, about 14″ x 7″
  • Pellon Wonder-Under (found with the interfacing at Joann’s and other fabric stores), cut to the same size as the fabric.
  • iron
  • scissors
First a little freezer paper stenciling.Using the freezer paper stenciling technique, paint “RED ROVER” onto the top half of the front of the tote bag. (Detailed Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial found here).

Print out your stencil onto the dull side of the freezer paper (you can download it here).
Cut it out with the exacto knife.
Iron it on to the tote bag, shiny side down…
Apply two coats of paint, allowing about 10 minutes between coats, and peel the stencil away when it’s dry.

Now for the applique.

Press your fabric nice and smooth.  
In retrospect, madras was not the ideal fabric choice, but I love the way it looks.
Following the directions (they come with the Wonder-Under), attach the fabric to the Wonder-Under.
I cut out a paper people chain by drawing a little man (find him here) and drawing him over and over.  
Trace around the template onto the back side of the fabric.  
It doesn’t have to be perfect, as you can see.  
Cut the little guys out!
Attach the Madras Men to the front of the tote bag, according to the Wonder-Under directions.
This is going to be a book bag for our library trips.  It would also make a great gift!
Thanks so much for having me at I’m Feelin’ Crafty!  
It was “SEW” much fun!
See you all at The Southern Institute!

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