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Sew Ready to Play Impossible Mission with Cook, Clean, Craft

Ready for another installment of Sew Ready to Play??? Today we have Narelle from Cook Clean Craft! If you’ve followed this blog for a little while, you know Narelle and I have become blogging buddies and she’s visited over here a couple of times now and I’ve made a few of her projects! I love the Men’s Jeans to Toddler pants which made some super adorable pants for my kiddo! You’ve got to check out her blog if you haven’t already! So many more tutorials and fun for the boys.

Welcome Narelle!

Hi, I’m Narelle from Cook Clean Craft. After making UNO shorts for Sew Ready to Play last year (I still love them and they still fit – yay!), I really had to wrack my brain to come up with another game. I started thinking back to games I played when I was a kid, and suddenly this popped into my head:

“Another visitor? Stay awhile…Stay Forever” (in a very sinister voice!)

The introduction to the game “Impossible Mission” on Commodore 64, and so the Commodore 64 T-shirt was created:

Commodore 64 T-shirt

Yes, I was a bit of a geek (hang on, I still am…), and loved playing Ghostbusters, Le Mans car racing and Barbie and more on our family Commodore 64.

Commodore 64 Tshirt-010

(Scary to think how much more powerful his toy Leap Pad is!)

I remember the fights my brother and I had playing the C64 version of Monopoly (he’d  sell all my property to himself for $1 when I wasn’t looking). Aaah, the memories!

Commodore 64 Tshirt-005

So how did I make it? I used the Raw Edge Raglan T-shirt pattern from the book “Sewing for Boys”. I had the some knit fabric in my stash that was the perfect Commodore 64 screen blue, and some white ribbing (I’m trying really hard to stash-bust at the moment!).

I embellished the front and one sleeve before I did the sewing – freezer paper stencilling for the front (no fancy cutting machine here – it was all hand-cut with an exacto knife – why do I always pick such fiddly designs (like this and this)?).

Commodore 64 Tshirt-002

I made an applique for the sleeve from fabric scraps in my stash – using heat’n’bond lite and a satin-stitch (narrow and short zigzag) around the edge.

Commodore 64 TshirtCommodore 64 Tshirt-001

(a little wonky – don’t look too closely!)

I didn’t exactly follow the pattern for the T-shirt – I just can’t do the raw-edge thing… So I sewed it together with my serger with right sides together (after almost throwing it through the window when I decided to change threads – I’ve never had a problem threading it before, but it was up for a fight this time!), and hemmed the sleeves and bottom. I bravely did some contrasting top-stitching too.

Commodore 64 Tshirt-004

And we ended up with a cute geek T-shirt (for a cute Little Man who didn’t want to model!):

Commodore 64 Tshirt-008

Commodore 64 Tshirt-009

Commodore 64 Tshirt-011

Thanks for inspiring me again, Louise. For more fun crafty projects, head over to Cook Clean Craft. And a parting question: Are we cruel to force our geekiness onto our children?

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Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 2

Another pair of pants! And I’m not saying there’s not going to be more, because there will be!


Again, I started with a pair of my old pants.


And again I used the adult pants to kids pants and the basic pants tutorials that I used yesterday. Everything was going well until I got them made and realized, man, these legs are really skinny!!! I just couldn’t figure it out. I remember reading Dana’s tutorial and that she mentioned that her pattern was for a taller, skinny 3 year old. Well, my son isn’t chubby, but he’s not super skinny and he’s really not on the tall side… ok, yes, he’s a shorty (we all are!) So I was like, what is up with this pattern??? I laid out the pants and was like, hmmmm, maybe this pattern doesn’t include the seam allowance??? Because that’s about the right size, if I was to add a seam allowance…

So I went back and re-read her tutorial and realized that I had matched up the pattern pieces wrong, so the pattern was a little off.

I then reprinted the pattern and the one that came out of the printer was BIGGER than the one I had!! So after I had already made the pants, I realized that not only were the pattern pieces aligned wrong, but that there were also the wrong size!!

So here’s my new dilemma… Parts of the wrong pattern fit and parts don’t… So tonight while I’m working on my Day 3 project, I’m going to try the pattern one more time! 🙂

The thighs ended up a little tight and the booty is a little big…. But, to my surprise, they did end up fitting!

Anyway, despite all the ‘issues’ I was having, my son seemed to really like the pants I made! I put them on him just to see and he wouldn’t take them off. So he wore them all day at school. I even took an extra pair of pants just in case he decided he didn’t like them. And then we went to soccer lessons in them and he ran around all over and they didn’t fall down (remember I mentioned the booty was a little big?)

Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 1

WooooHoooo! It’s that time of year again! 

So if you’ve ever followed along with me, you know that I post my projects the next day. So technically yesterday was the first day. I sew at night. So I always post the next day….

I guess I could start the day before and then I’d actually have something to post the very first day… Hmmmm…. Maybe I’ll try that next time!

I prepared this weekend by cleaning out my closet. Cleaning out your closet, you ask??? yes, my closet. there were tons of clothes in there and they are about to be repurposed into clothes for the little guy! I’m going to try to use them all.

The first project last night was a quickie PJ project. I didn’t spend a lot of time cutting everything just right or any of that. This project was mostly to try out a couple of ideas. I’ve been wanting to try out the basic pants pattern from Dana Made It. And then I made my own top pattern and I wanted to give it a try.

They started as PJ’s of mine.

Then I used this tutorial from Cook Clean Craft for turning grown up pants into little pants. The pants fit pretty good (luckily, there was already a drawstring in the pants, because I kinda forgot to stretch out (or size down) the elastic!)

The top worked out pretty well, too.

One problem I had… I made the pattern from one of his snug PJ’s. The intent was to make it out of stretchy pj material, but I switched gears at the last minute (the fabric I was going to use hadn’t been washed yet) and then I continued and used my old pj’s that weren’t stretchy! OOPS! Well, the shirt fits great, but the sleeves are a bit tight. I’ll redo those tonight!

I used this Ringer shirt tutorial for the shirt, even though I didn’t use the knit. But man, I did learn how easy it is to make a shirt!! Why haven’t I done more of these? I’ve been scared for some reason. Tonight I’m going to try it with the jersey knit… We’ll see if I’m still as excited!

So all in all I think for an hour and half of work, it was a productive evening at the sewing machine!

Are you sewing along with the KCWC???

Sew Ready to Play with Cook Clean Craft

I’m very excited to have Narelle from Cook Clean Craft joining us today!  I remember exactly how I met Narelle. I had found her Men’s Jeans to Toddler Pants tutorial a while back.  During my first stab at Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge I made them and of course posted them on the KCWC Flickr page. She saw them and commented on what  lovely job I had done with them.  I was relatively new to blogging at the time, so was super excited to have her respond! Now this doesn’t really go with the sewing theme we’re working on this week, but the other thing I will always remember about her blog is the amazing Quick Pesto BBQ Chicken Mini Quiche recipe. I read it and part of me thought it sounded horrible, but the other part of me said, let’s give it a try. And it’s amazing!!!! Absolutely amazing, you have to try it!

Let’s welcome Narelle!

Childhood games: oh, the memories. Having a brother 4 years older than me meant games were not evenly matched and most ended up with me like this:

(Note: that’s not me, she’s my daughter.)

But there was one game that we played happily together (and with any number of other people of all ages). While some skill was required, the youngest to the oldest had a good chance of winning, and everyone had fun:


While Little Man is too young to play, I thought some UNO shorts to romp around in this summer would be fun.


The shorts were made using a simple, flat-front shorts pattern in black drill fabric. Felt appliques and white bias tape made up the UNO card details.


The applique designs were based on the original UNO cards (Why do they need to modernise these things?). The right-hand side for each leg is curved to match the old-school card design, giving a great retro feel to the shorts.

A wild card on the front (because most 2.5 year old boys are a little wild), and reverse (pun intended) and three (since they’re size 3) cards on the back.
A fun addition to a boy’s summer wardrobe!

For more details, head over to Cook Clean Craft. Thanks for having me Louise and inspiring me to create such cute shorts for Little Man!

Kids Clothes Week Challenge Day 2

Jeans. I went with the jeans project for Day 2. Recycled jeans, that is. I started with a pattern, made by yours truly, from another pair of pants. Then cut the pieces from an old pair of my jeans. Using this tutorial from CookCleanCraft , ta da…..

And a couple other pics, before I move on to the Day 3 Project…

This whole challenge is beginning to have a theme… Recycled. Table runner to pillowcase dress, Mama’s jeans to Max jeans, and tonight Baseball cap to t-shirt….  I was thinking today about the things I need to go to the fabric store for. Then I remembered a bag of Daddy’s clothes piling up for Goodwill. Well, tonight I raided that bag, and I don’t think I have to go to the fabric store!! 🙂 We’ll see what the rest of the week brings us…