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Something for Me… The Wiksten Tank

I’m not sure, but I have ever posted a project that I’ve done for myself??? I don’t sew for myself very often, so I’m thinking I might not have….  Have you seen the Wiksten Tank? I mentioned it before in my Weekend Whims for the Summer.

This week I’m going to show you the three projects I made while sitting on the front porch of our nice old beach house! I just love sitting out there with the sewing machine and the sound of the waves crashing! Actually a lot of the time it’s dark out when I’m out there making things and the water is still and it’s quiet. Quiet, except for the occasional fish jumping. Love it! Anyway….

So, I made myself a little something! I like it, but want to try again. I used an old sheet, so it’s super soft, but kinda thin… I also want to make the front a little longer on my next one…

The Wiksten pattern is super easy! If only I had measured to make sure I was cutting it large enough (yes, I’m a large gal, hence the reason not many photos of me on the blog….). I’m not very specific when I sew, so I just kinda eye-balled it…. In hindsight, I should have measured…. It ended up a little tight around the ‘ladies’. My husband suggested putting a slit in the back, so I figured out a way to do it and it looks pretty nice I think. But I also think it’s a little odd looking… Obviously, I have mixed feelings about how the back turned out!

The other little problem I had with the pattern was I think it might have printed a little small. The instructions say not to scale it when you print and I didn’t. But I think it might have been a little smaller than it was supposed to be. I cut the binding strips, but they were a little too narrow for the 3/8″ hem the instructions called for. Oh, well. It will worked fine with a narrower hem!

And me… I guess I could have smiled, huh???

And check out the flickr group for the tank and see how cute it is!


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Weekend Whims- Cute Women’s Clothing from the Blogosphere!

Big news here! I did something last week that I have wanted to do since high school. I kept blowing it off as no big deal. That is until Thursday morning, the morning before my scheduled surgery, I woke up freakin’ out. A nervous Nellie I was FOR SURE! I wasn’t questioning what I was doing, but all of a sudden it hit me that what I was doing wasn’t just a little nothing thing to ignore! I had a breast reduction! I’ve wanted and needed it for a long time. I’m sitting here writing this between naps from my pain medications! The surgery went well, but like with any surgery, there’s the painful healing time….



I’m so excited to not have to deal with the pains of the big boobs. I soooo don’t understand wanting big boobs.. They just hurt! And they don’t make too many cute clothes for those of us that do have them. This year, one of my goals was to make more of my own clothes so that I didn’t dress so blah. But now I had this and am so excited to be able to have my pick of patterns that will look cute!!!

These are some I’ve had my eye on….

1. This easy peasy shirt from Lemon Squeezy Home via Sewing In No Man’s Land is really cute! I had it pinned thinking would be good for the before boobs, but it’s going to look really cute for the after boobs!

2. I just found this pattern for the Amelia Dress on Sew Mama Sew today. Very cute and it would never have fit me before!

3. I think this Front Tie Spring Dress by Make It Love It is totally cute! And before it probably wouldn’t have fit me since I wore the size 5T pattern she has it in, but like she says it could be for kids or adults!

4. I want to try again with the Wiksten Tank. You might remember that I tried it before and wasn’t real excited about it… I don’t think I ever wore it again after those pictures…. I’m excited again!

5. And who doesn’t love the Washi Dress by Made By Rae??? Before I knew there was no way to get the girls in that dress. But now I can try this one too!

6. I’ve been wanting to try out these t-shirt patterns from Sewing the Littleheart Collection.

7. And this dress is cute, too. The One Hour Elastic Dress via Make! I just can’t believe that I might be able to wear a sleeveless dress again… Wow!

I still some work to do on the ‘ole figure, but just knowing that I will have more options this summer is helping pull me through the recovery process. OK, now to take another nap…..

Weekend Whims- Getting Ready for Summer!

Yes, I know, this week was actually the first of spring, but I’m ready for summer! We usually take our summer vacation the end of May and head to the Gulf Beaches of Alabama. This year, the trip is moving up to, well, practically now! And seeing how it’s in the 40’s here and the 70’s where we’re headed, I feel like we’re about to leave winter and head straight to summer! Summer for us here in the Pacific Northwest is the 70’s! So even though it’s only spring, I feel like we’re getting ready for summer!

1. Love this Endora top from Simple Simon and Company! I’m going to have to find a little girl to sew it for…. hmmm….

2. And speaking of cute summer tops…  I’m hoping I’ll have time to make this Wiksten tank for myself before I go! I saw it on Kristin from Skirt as Top, and it looks great on her! Maybe it will look almost as good on me…

3. These flowers have been all over the web, but I sure do love them! This DIY is by Ruche for Design*Sponge.

4. We’re going to see family, so how fitting is this set of family dolls by Timo Handmade!!

5. And I just want to lay in the sun on this bed! Image via The Style Files.