The Last Post About 2013!

I promise! But I had to do it!

EverythingIMadein2013 copy

It’s everything I made (and blogged about) in 2013! There are a few things that I made, but I haven’t shown you yet, so they will make the 2014 collage! WOW! And no, I’m not including links back to each project this time! That’s 82 projects (and a lot of them I made multiples of!)

As I was going through and updating all my tutorial lists I started saving pictures of each project. Then I knew I had to make a collage! And all the tutorial pages, Sewing Tutorials, Crafty Tutorials, Go To Sew Tutorials (which I’ll be bring home some more of those soon) and the Sew Ready to Play Tutorials should be all up to date now! If you see something with a bad link or a tutorial that doesn’t’ have a button, please let me know!

I’m about to set off to photograph some things to share and to finish packing up Christmas decorations. And then I’ll be ready to start off 2014 back on my almost regular schedule with a bunch of new projects! And Project Run and Play! Yea!

Happy New Year and best wishes for another productive year!

Silhouettes, I’m loving them right now!

Yep, loving them.

There seems to be a resurgence of silhouette art these days! But that’s ok with me. A while back I saw an art piece in a magazine of all sorts of silhouettes and it inspired me to want to do a shadow box piece of a bunch of silhouettes from our trip to NY, the kiddos playing ball, my son staring out the train window, looking at dinosaurs… You get my point..

Well, that project hasn’t happened, so I can’t show you that! Were you thinking I was leading up to that?? 🙂 sorry. But not to be disappointed, I have a link love and a mini tutorial for ya today! 

First, the link love….


1. I was lookin’ around and fell for the dog silhouette done by Living with Lindsay. I love the white accents around the dog’s ear. She has a tutorial for doing this using paper, what I think of as the traditional way….

2. I’m in love with Circles and Squares work. I got this print for my son’s new playroom we’re working on. I also got my husband an awesome shirt from these guys. And on a side note, I bought a kids sweatshirt from them 3 years ago or so and it’s held up to 2 toddlers for this whole time. Very impressed…

3. Another tutorial for silhouettes on fabric. Inhabitots shows you how to make one with a freezer stencil. I’ve never done a freezer paper stencil, but want to try. Very cool.

4. And another piece from Pumpkin and Butterfly! (I showed you her Fly to the Moon print a few weeks ago.) I realized I had bookmarked this print ages ago, before I was featured with her in the Etsy treasury. ANYWAY…. The bright colors of this one are awesome for a more modern appeal! 

5. After our trip to the zoo today, this watercolor silhouette tutorial from Prudent Baby caught my eye! So many ways for silhouettes!

6. And last but not least, how adorable is the hippo and the toothbrush by Karl Johnson?? I should get this and hang it in my bathroom in hopes that it will help with the 2 year old’s nightly tooth brushing ritual!

And for Part 2 of my post today….

Mixed Media Fabric Silhouettes Tutorial



Computer (sorry it’s not in the picture, but I wasn’t going to move my whole computer over to the photography board!)



Fusible Adhesive, like Steam to Seam or Heat’n Bond (Seems to be one of my favorite tools these days. For this project I used Heat’n Bond Lite for sewing)




Sewing Machine

Step 1: Pick your picture. You can just print it and go from there. I wanted to have a real image before I got started, so I did a little Photoshop action. I’m not going to add the Photoshop part to the tutorial (but if you have questions, just ask).

Step 2: Print the image the right size for your project. You will be transferring it to the back side of your fabric and fusible adhesive, so be sure that you don’t need to mirror your image.

Step 3: Iron the fusible adhesive to the fabric. Here, I’m using the traditional black, but as you can see above the fabric can be anything!

Step 4: Trace your image onto the fusible adhesive. You either need to cut it out and trace it or hold it up to a light source and trace. I typically to option 2, but with the black I had to turn to option 1.

Step 5: Cut out the silhouette.

Step 6: Iron the silhouette to you paper. Quickly, some paper will show the iron marks, so careful.

Step 7: Stitch the silhouette. Here I did the kids with the machine and the sleeping dragon hill by hand.

Step 8: Ta-Da! You now have a fantastic mixed media art piece! (which is also a page from the Sketchbook Project I am working on…)

Climbing Sleeping Dragon Hill

She Likes It!

Ahhhhh… I sent Katie from oohmoon pictures of my Advent Calendar and she likes it! I’m honored to be the first reader project featured on her blog!

And my son loved it too!


Happy Holidays!

Sketchbook is Underway (and my first interactive piecing project)

I’m stilllllllll working on my tree for Quilt #3………….

I had to take a break! So I did. And I started my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. Totally inspired by the {Interactive} Piecing Group on Flickr, I decided that each entry into my sketchbook is going to be ‘sketched’ with fabric and sewn in the piecing style.


My sketchbook theme is Happy Thoughts. This is an image I have had in my head from a story my husband made up for our 2 year old. The story was about our son camping with his favorite stuffed animal Bow Wow.

I have a few more happy thoughts worked out in my head. It’s an easy theme to think about during this thankful and sharing season we’re coming in to! What happy thoughts are you thinking?

Postcards From The Gulf Update

All the postcards are online! Check them out here, there are some great ones! I have a list of all the ones I want to buy, but I am going to have to narrow that down. way down…

They go on sale tomorrow!! Beginning at 10:30pm CST on Friday, Nov. 5. $50.00 each and all the proceeds go to Alabama Coastal Foundation to help with the clean-up of our beautiful beaches and awesome coast line environments.

If you are in Mobile, AL, you can also check them out in person.

Preview and Sale: Saturday, November 12, 2010

6pm to 9pm

Room 1927 –  Saenger Theatre

Mobile, Alabama

I blogged more about my piece and the project here and here.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Bebe Kern, Winston-Salem, NC; Walter Beckham, Mobile, AL;

Elaine Rutledge, Mobile, AL; Joyce McAdams, Edgewater, FL;

Anna Vanover, Riverside, CA

Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 4

Again, last night was a two project night. I finished up the art piece for the Postcards from the Gulf Benefit and finished transforming Max’s robot shirt from a short sleeve shirt  into a long sleeve shirt.

As I was sewing on the long sleeves, my husband looks over and says, ‘Not for nothing, but…’ Whenever he starts a sentence like that I know he’s wondering why I am doing what ever it is I am doing. So he continues… ‘Wouldn’t it be just as easy to buy another 3 or 5 dollar t-shirt???’  Well, dear, probably so, but…. I wanted to try this tutorial out and make something ‘new’ so that’s what I did!

Here’s part 2 of the robot t-shirt saga…

I used the tutorial from Make It and Love It for adding the sleeves. Super easy once you get the hang of moving it around in the sewing machine.

Tonight, back to the full on KCWC! hmmmm, what will it be??

Postcards from the Gulf

This is another project that I’ve blogged about before, but can now post the finished piece. Which I have to get in the mail, ASAP….

Postcards from the Gulf: An Art Benefit for the Alabama Coastal Foundation

“In creating a canvas from someone’s long-forgotten postcard, we provide a reminder that coastal animals and plants are in danger of becoming only memories, themselves.”- Val Webb, organizer

(Luckily the piece looks much better in real life. I’m not the best art photographer)

 My piece is a collage interpretation of growing up on the Gulf and visiting the wonderful beach house that my grandparents purchased long before my days! The collage combines images from my photography of our trip this year, before our beaches were hit with any of the oil. Oh, and the ladies from yesteryear are my husband’s mother and aunt. I wish I knew what number pier this one is. They blow away and get rebuilt over and over. What a fitting metaphor for what our environment is going through now.

Postcards from the Gulf – Gallery Night

Friday, Nov. 12 from 6-9pm

Room 1927

(the gallery next to the main entrance of the Saenger Theater downtown)

 On Oct. 12, the Postcards from the Gulf website will be activated to provide a preview of the collection and info on participating artists. I’ll post the web address when it is available. 

On Nov. 5, the Postcards from the Gulf website will enable online purchasing, and postcards may be purchased directly from the site. Pre-sold postcards will be marked with a small sticker during the gallery night, and out-of-town purchases will be shipped on Monday, Nov. 15.

 Postcards may also be purchased in person at gallery night.