The Long Over Due Super Easy Chair Revamp Tutorial

I don’t know if I should really share this. At least not the before pictures. But I will! ChairRevamp-Main-ImFeelinCrafty

Recently I redid our horrible dining room chairs. I’ve been putting it off for way to long! Hence the name of the tutorial! I put it off for too long and it is so easy! Silly me! I keep saying we’re going to buy new chairs, but we can’t find ones we want… So for now, a little bit of fabric and and some batting and it looks so much better!


So that’s what I needed! I used about a yard and a half of fabric and a bag of batting that I had sitting around from another project I didn’t do. You’ll also need a screw driver, a hammer and some scissors.



First step, easy! Just unscrew the seat from the chair frame.


Use your hammer to pull out the nails (or staples are used sometimes) from the cushion to remove the existing fabric. Under the bad fabric we had, I found another layer of fabric. I just left that layer.



Cut! Cut out the batting about the same size of the seat and the fabric the same size of the fabric you removed.


Take all those little upholstery nails you took out before and start hammering them back in! Start on one side, then the opposite, pulling tight. Then again on the other two sides.

ChairRevamp-Step6-ImFeelinCraftyLastly, screw the seat back into place! See! Super easy!! You can do it too!


I’m still not in love with the chairs, but I’m so much happier with them now! I can hold out for a little longer! Or what do you think about painting the chairs??? I’m thinking I might try that! What’s something in your house you want to redo?


Fabric Bunting Tutorial

Today I am working hard on projects to get done before we head out on a spur of the moment vacation, so I thought I’d bring home another tutorial I did last year for Go To Sew! I know it’s a repeat, but I’ve got some other fun things in the works to share so just bear with me!  A fabric bunting! Quick and easy! A sweet thing to hang in the house or give as a baby gift (or any sort of gift for that matter)!


I made a bunting a LONG time ago and I made it too big! But this version is a smaller one with a little something extra. Quilting! Recently a colleague asked me to make one, so I did! And I thought I’d tell ya how I made it so you can make your own!


The materials you need… You’ll need fabrics for the bunting pieces and fabric for the binding, a cutting tool, pinking shears, and batting. And if you’re wanting to add letters you’ll also need something like heat and bond (two sided fusible adhesive) and your letters. The pattern for the triangles is here.


step 1- Cut and cut and cut! Your fabric and your batting into triangles.


step 2- Stack your bunting pieces. Lay the back side right side down, then your batting and then your front side right side up.


step 3- Sew the three pieces together on the two long sides. You don’t need to sew the top side.


step 4- Trim the two sewn sides with pinking shears.


step 5- If you’d like to add letters you can here. Iron on the interfacing to the back of the fabric you want the letters cut out of. Then trim the fabric to the right size of the letter. remove the backing from the interfacing. Then iron on the letter. Depending on the interfacing you use, you can stop here if it’s a no sew interfacing.  If it’s a sew on interfacing, topstitch now.


step 6- Now for the binding. You could use premade binding if you’d like. Or you can make your own. I cut two inch strips, sew-ed them together at an angle and then folded it in half and ironed. Then folded the sides in again and iron again. And lastly, sew it to the flags.


And you’re done! See? Simple! What fabrics would you use? What occasion would you make one for? Enjoy!

Envelope Pillow Tutorial

Like I mentioned in my post last week for the Stay Put Scarf, I’m bring home some of my Go to Sew posts from the last year. And I’m starting with some that I think would make great last minutes gifts. So today, I’m sharing the envelope pillow tutorial!


I made quite a few of these in the last week for holiday gifts! (more will be coming on the random pot holder in the picture)


The A is an antique mall find that I remade into a ‘Bama gift pillow! I made a grey and red striped background and then sew-ed the A on top!


I was doing a little shopping at CB2 and I saw these pillows with white and silver and red. I loved them! And I knew I just happened to have some fluffy white fleece and some silver vinyl. So I went to town making the pillows. I made three for myself and then I made four others for a handmade FB swap I said I would do in January! Their $30 ones look fabulous! But I am also pretty proud of how my ‘from my stash’ ones turned out as well!

So here’s the easy peasy tutorial!


You can do anything with it! You can make your kid one out of one of their favorite shirts that they’ve outgrown… Or did you find some fancy fabric, but if was so fancy you really know you should only buy a half yard… Perfect for a pillow! Or you can do a quick little quilting job and have a baseball inspired pillow!


So what you’ll need is easy… A Pillow! Fabric, thread, cutting implements, and some batting if you want to do a little quilting.


First you cut! Cut out the front roughly a half inch larger than you pillow. For the back you’ll cut two pieces. I cut them to overlap by about three inches. For instance, if you pillow is 14 inches wide, I’ll cut two pieces 10 inches wide. If you’re going to be quilting, cut a piece of batting and a cover for the batting, both the same size as the front piece.


Hem the edges on the back two pieces.


If you’re going to do quilting on the front, go for it! Then cover the back of the quilting with you extra piece.



Stack them all together! Back of the quilted piece, right side down. Front of the pillow, right side up. Then stack the two back pieces, right sides down.



Hem the edges on all four sides. I like to back stitch over the overlapped back pieces. You’re going to be pulling at it here when you stuff the pillow in, so a little extra stitching helps!


Then trim the corners.


I like to trim the edges with a pinking shear. Or you could use a serger.


Turn it right side out. (yes, my back is not even, like I mentioned above, but it is overlapped like I mentioned.)


Then stuff that pillow in and enjoy!

See? Super simple! Quick and a sweet gift! I made mine for a friend that wanted a St Louis Cardinal pillow…


I’m not much for using fabrics with team logos and such, so I took their colors and logo and made mine.



What do you think? Does it say St Louis Cardinals without literally saying St Louis Cardinals? I hope so! I didn’t do a bird. But I did baseballs (don’t look at the basballs too closely, it’s my first time doing little bitty circles!), the yellow bat and the blue outline…. Crossing my fingers that she likes it!

A Ghostly Garland DIY

Boooooooooo! Today I wanted to share a project we did for Halloween! We made a Ghostly Garland!


We started to doing this project with the idea of making large ghosts, but as we were going along the idea popped up to make little ones for a garland! So we finished up are big ones and moved on to the garland!

One thing to keep in mind, if you live anywhere with moisture (like the PNW) you will want to keep these guys inside. I learned the hard way by putting our big ghosts outside and the starch didn’t hold up against Mother Nature’s moisture!

First we gathered our materials: shear fabric, wax paper, scissors, balloons, tape, starch, ribbon (or a thin rope or bakers twine)


For the little ones you’ll want to raid your recycling! We used a varaiety of sizes of recycled items. So barely blow up your balloons nad tape them to the tops of your recycled items. Set these pieces around on top of a piece of wax paper.


Next you’ll need to cut your fabric. Fold the fabric in half and then in half again. Cut a curved edge along the not folded over edges. Make the folded sides about the same as the height of your balloon and recycled item. For these you don’t want the fabric to touch the table.


The third step is to soak the fabric in the startch.


Fourth, drape the fabric over the balloons. And leave them here until the starch dries. I set them up on wax paper, so as it drips, you can also clean it up to save the for the next ghost! The little garland ghosts fabric shouldn’t touch the paper below, remember!

I don’t know what happened to my picture for step 4, so even those these are the big ones, you can see how we draped the fabric over the balloon! (In this picture I forgot the wax paper and my ghosts stuck to it.)


For Step 5, once all the ghosts are dry, draw on the eyes!



Next you’ll want to poke a hole in the side of the ghosts head and pull the bakers twine through all the ghosts.


And lastly, Hang the garland up! Yea!


A little secret is that we made these last year, so in the picture, the kiddo looks so little! But so happy! We had a great time putting this together and hope you do too!


Fabric Bunting Tutorial for Go To Sew

This month I thought I’d share a project that I made ealier this summer! A fabric bunting! Quick and easy! A sweet thing to hang in the house or give as a baby gift (or any sort of gift for that matter)!

Bunting-Main-ImFeelinCraftyBe sure to check out Go To Sew for the full tutorial!

A Vertical Starfish Garland DIY

Don’t be too sad, but I hate to say it…. This is my last Christmas present post! Yes, February is halfway over and I’m still chatting about Christmas!


This was a gift for my mom who loves everything beach inspired. And who reads the blog, so I couldn’t write about it before Christmas!


I saw this picture of the vertical starfish garland in Coastal Living in the December issue and pulled the ‘ole, ‘I can make that!’ I immediately tore the page out so I wouldn’t forget. And yes, I do subscribe to Coastal Living. On accident! It was also a present for my mom last year, but I accidentally got my mom and myself an issue. Instead of canceling, I’ve really enjoyed it! Now to decide if I resubscribe??? I already have some more DIY ideas for the beach house (or my mom…).


So off to work I went in my little Christmas workshop! I had the rope left over from our pirate party and some starfish still left over from our wedding. I had given most of them to my mom to decorate her house, so I did have to ask her to bring some back for me to make her present! HA!


Originally I was planning on using just one piece of the rope, but then realized a little more simpler approach! I measured out the length I wanted between the stars and then hot glued the one long length of rope to the back of the starfish. Then I went back around each one and wrapped the rope around the top of it. So it looks like one continuous rope, but… It’s not!


I wonder if she’ll hang it at her house or the beach house??? hmmmm….


It would be fun for an Under the Sea party, too, Huh??? Just a little something different than the typical garland!


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A Quilted Bulletin Board for Christmas

Yep, another Christmas present! These are going to be going on for a while, so stick with me! And yes, this is another one I made for my husband! AND…. It’s another project to mark off the To-Do List!

You’re probably thinking, this isn’t very manly and it kinda looks like it’s in a kids room, so why is it for her husband???


OK, so why would you think it’s in a kids room? Does the growth chart on the wall give it away???

If that’s what you were thinking, you’re right! It is for my son’s room. And please excuse the pictures. The lighting in our downstairs doesn’t lend itself to great photography. (at least not easily! anyway….) When we re-did our basement for more living space, the electric panel was in our son’s room and we decided to leave it there. In hindsight, I’m not sure why, but we did! And to cover it, because who wants a big ugly electrical fuse box in their room, we made this wooden frame with a cork bulletin board to cover it. I don’t have a before picture…


Probably about 6 months to a year after installing it, the cork fell off and it’s been this eyesore in the room. And my husband has been asking and asking for me to sew something to cover the cork and reinstall it. So that was about 3.5 to 4 years ago…. You’d think I’d be better at getting things done for our house, huh!


I’ve been thinking about it all these years. I promise! How to install it… What is the design going to be…. Then I became obsessed with these wonky stars. That’s when I knew the design for the bulletin board!


So my husband got the pieced fabric wrapped up under the tree! And then after Christmas, I glued cork to a piece of foam core and then wrapped the quilted piece to the foam core/cork and inserted in the panel frame!


Most of the fabrics I used were scraps left over from his bedding nad curtains with some new coordinating pieces added in. And if I don’t say so myself, it looks great with the ribbons, favorite pictures and art projects added in!

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A Christmas Curtain marked off the To Do List

ok, so this project isn’t very exciting, but it does have a kinda funny story. And it’s another thing to mark off my To Do List (which I was just reading and I can’t remember what a couple of the things are….)


For Christmas I made quite a few of my presents! And since back into blogging since the holidays, I haven’t had a chance to show them to you, so one and off over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing them with you! This project/gift was to my husband.

Curtains for our coat closet window. Why this closet even has a window is beyond me. Bad idea really…. But it’s there and it’s never had a curtain. We’ve put art in there, a stained glass window that didn’t really fit and I think there was even a piece of wood or something in there at one point. Yes, we do live in Seattle, and the sun doesn’t shine all that often, but when it does, I  don’t want it fading our coats. Also seeing them hanging in there isn’t beautiful to see from the backyard….


So this is what it looked like for the last little while. oh, and it’s not insulated, another bad design decision the designers had back in the day when the closet was added. for months I thought my husband had hung one of my son’s sheets in the window. Then when I took it down I realized it was actual yardage of the fabric that his sheets were made from! Not cheap fabric…. ergh!


My husband has only been asking for a curtain for this window for years. Not kidding. Years. And I’ve had the fabric for years. Seriously. The curtain took me an hour or so to make, but years to actually do it. WHY??? I used the same process that I showed you in the Curtains are so Easy Tutorial. The funny thing is, I bought the fabric years ago when I saw it at the store and realized it matched our picnic table umbrella PERFECTLY! The stripes are a bit different, but the colors were exact. Notice I said WERE…. Here they are together now….


And the curtain installed! The picture isn’t great (at all, I couldn’t get a good angle without reflections of the bright pink slide in the backyard), but doesn’t it look nicer??


Needless to say, my husband was happy! If I hadn’t bought the fabric a few years back, I would have done the proportions of the fabrics a little bit different. Coulda Sholda Woulda. But it’s done and we’re all happy!

Christmas in a Jar!

Alright. Alright… I said I wasn’t going to make new Christmas decoration this year, but I can’t seem to stop….


Last year, I got these jars for Christmas. Or was it two years ago??? At first I was like, what am I going to do with them?? I put away a few pictures from the shelf, added some sand and sea shells and called it cute! Then this Halloween, I realized that they were just sitting there waiting to become a part of our holiday decorating.


I had the glitter paper, the deer and my collection of cone trees. My first idea was to do each jar totally different, but then decided to go with the two deer jars. And then a little something different for the middle one.


The middle one was originally going to be a papercut of the Abominable Snow Monster.  Remember my Christmas paper cut art piece last year? Well, I realized I hadn’t done one in a year. And wanted to do another, but not a whole piece so I thought it would be perfect to do a little one for the jars. But then we came across these little candy figures of Santa and the elves at the Dollar store and the Snow Monster was out and Santa’s village was in!


And the papercut is miniature! But I love it. My husband just shook his head and smiled when he saw me cutting out each little window….


I used this pretty thick glitter paper, so it was kinda hard to get the perfect cone shape for the trees. Oh, well…. of course, it doesn’t help that it’s kinda like a Carnival Hall of Mirrors trying to photograph these trees in the jars! And the Epsom salt makes for a perfect snow theme.



I had a great time coming up with the little designs for the jars!


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Halloween Decorating!

I love fall! It means Halloween is coming. It means Christmas is coming. I really miss the sun and the no rain days. The grey kinda gets to me here in the Pacific Northwest. And maybe that’s why I love transforming the house from the norm to Halloween and then Christmas. I know, Thanksgiving is in the middle, but I don’t usually do a lot of decor for that holiday…

I’ve gotten all the decorations up and we’ve had fun making some new ones! A lot of the decorations are the same as last year, just moved around a bit. I do love my new owl! A fun Marshall’s find. And then the bats have now been named. This one here, ‘not the super big one, just the kinda big one’ is called Sandy. Not sure why and why the kiddo has become attached to this one bat out of the 100’s hanging in our house….

Another new little decor is our spooky apothecary Halloween jars! Rats and eye balls thanks to the dollar store. The spiders were last years hand outs, instead of candy, that didn’t get handed out.

And then we made some new projects… Of course, I already showed you our TuTu Monster Wreaths.

But this year we also made some ghosts! I’ve been wanting to make starch ghosts for YEARS. And every year, I pull out the starch and the fabric and then I put it away and pack away the fabric with the rest of the Halloween decorations to do next year. Not this year! We made them, finally. I say we, but it was really just me. My son wanted to help, until he got his hands dirty. Every time he got starch on them he ran to the bathroom to wash it off…

But when it came to decorating his ghost! He was in permanent marker heaven! His first face on the ghost was so cute. Then he kept adding and adding and adding and… Well, there is a face in there somewhere. I have to step back and remind myself to give the kid the freedom to make his own art.

These guys were supposed to be outside decorations… I guess I should mention that that starch I bought for this project… I’ve had for years and never opened… And I think I’ve mentioned that I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest… It’s a bit moist here, most of the year… DO you see where I’m going with this? So we had our stiff little starch ghosts and I put them outside. Left them there over night. The next morning they were no longer standing up. The moisture got to them. Luckily I found them in time and still had my forms so we were able to salvage them. Lesson learned= Moisture and Starch don’t mix!

And I couldn’t stop… A ghost garland!

The art is the same as last year, but the bats decided to spread out further into the house!  We did add a few family portraits! How do we look?? Thanks to Ooh Moon for the illustrations!


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