Letterpress Calendar, revealed…

Finally! I got it all photographed and put together. My Calendar! My first ever attempt at linoleum cutting and printing.

“Snacks and Naps For the Year 2011”

The calendar project is a project I collaborated on with thirteen great artists. I should say 15, including the printers. Thirteen artists carved illustrations in linoleum blocks. We then turned them over to the 2 printers and the calendars were printed on a Vandercook proofing press under the guidance of Master Printer Lynda Sherman at Bremelo Press in Seattle by Kyle Hanson. The month names are vintage woodcuts and the dates are perpetual calendar 18 point metal type. And together we produced a beautiful “Snacks and Naps For the Year 2011” wall calendar.

This was my first ever attempt at lino cuts. I decided to make mine with the image as white space and the background as dark. Then I tried to print it. No luck, what-so-ever! But the two printers were amazing and said no problem. And here is what became of my lino cut…

My image is from a photo of my son napping while dressed as Max, King of the Wild Things!

The calendars are printed on assorted colors of a high-cotton content, acid-free paper from Canson. The pages, 6 inches wide by 8.5 inches high, are loosely bound to a bookboard backer with black elastic bands.




Cover   Curtis Taylor

January   Magda Baker

February   Emily Forland

March   Gigi Grinstad

April   Saya Moriyasu

May   Molly Magai

June   Sedora DeBondt


July  Sara Varon  

August   Clyde Petersen

September   Nine Frenkel  

October   Louise Wackerman

November Michael Getz

 December  Aya Kakeda

Calendars are ready for shipping in my etsy store.

Friday Link Lovin’ is Lovin’ Downloads

It all started with a post on Oh My Handmade, a printable download for a Christmas card.  Much cuter than anything you can get on the photo websites. I always do my own cards in Photoshop, so I loved not having to start from scratch. Yep, that was the starting moment…

Next thing I knew printable downloads were everywhere I looked. They were jumping out at me! (well, kinda…) Beautiful downloads. There are so many amazing artists blogging and sharing their art with us! I had pulled a few things for this weeks link love, but when these downloads kept appearing to me, I took that as a sign that I need to link to these today!

Here are a few of my favorites,

1. Via Sew Mama Sew, I came across these great tags for reindeer food at Crafty Carnival. We are going to have a few holiday parties this year and what a great idea for a hostess gift to give! There is also a Dear Santa Letter and a Mrs Claus Cookie Label.

2. Awesome Art from Free Your Soul: the free art project, like this one by Naoko Stoop.

3. Owl Lovers Paradise! Have you seen this awesome 2011 calendar from My Own Barn?? It’s really cool. From 30 owl images, you make your own calendar. One of a kind!

4. I am a sucker when it comes to Dr. Seuss! Visit Kind Over Matter for  this inspirational download with a Dr. Seuss saying from 74 Lime Lane

5. A website full of beautiful downloads is the online magazine NONPAREIL. While I was ordering my Christmas cards, I ordered some note cards using this Chocolat Inspired Printable! I can’t wait to get them!

6. And the piece that started it all…..  Name Your Design’s Christmas card download, via Oh My! Handmade.

7. A year of free downloads! Yes, I had to read it twice, too. It’s almost too good to be true! Oohmoon is uploading a new image every day for a year. I got hooked by this lovely winter owl.

8. Ok, ok, I have to stop… But I can’t stop before I show you the gift tags I’ll be using this year. They are perfect for my color scheme! The artists at We Love to Illustrate shared these with us. And last but not least the adorable deer. ahhhh….

Ok, must go work on my advent calendar. Yes, running late on that project!

Sketchbook is Underway (and my first interactive piecing project)

I’m stilllllllll working on my tree for Quilt #3………….

I had to take a break! So I did. And I started my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. Totally inspired by the {Interactive} Piecing Group on Flickr, I decided that each entry into my sketchbook is going to be ‘sketched’ with fabric and sewn in the piecing style.


My sketchbook theme is Happy Thoughts. This is an image I have had in my head from a story my husband made up for our 2 year old. The story was about our son camping with his favorite stuffed animal Bow Wow.

I have a few more happy thoughts worked out in my head. It’s an easy theme to think about during this thankful and sharing season we’re coming in to! What happy thoughts are you thinking?

Postcards from the Gulf

This is another project that I’ve blogged about before, but can now post the finished piece. Which I have to get in the mail, ASAP….

Postcards from the Gulf: An Art Benefit for the Alabama Coastal Foundation

“In creating a canvas from someone’s long-forgotten postcard, we provide a reminder that coastal animals and plants are in danger of becoming only memories, themselves.”- Val Webb, organizer

(Luckily the piece looks much better in real life. I’m not the best art photographer)

 My piece is a collage interpretation of growing up on the Gulf and visiting the wonderful beach house that my grandparents purchased long before my days! The collage combines images from my photography of our trip this year, before our beaches were hit with any of the oil. Oh, and the ladies from yesteryear are my husband’s mother and aunt. I wish I knew what number pier this one is. They blow away and get rebuilt over and over. What a fitting metaphor for what our environment is going through now.

Postcards from the Gulf – Gallery Night

Friday, Nov. 12 from 6-9pm

Room 1927

(the gallery next to the main entrance of the Saenger Theater downtown)

 On Oct. 12, the Postcards from the Gulf website will be activated to provide a preview of the collection and info on participating artists. I’ll post the web address when it is available. 

On Nov. 5, the Postcards from the Gulf website will enable online purchasing, and postcards may be purchased directly from the site. Pre-sold postcards will be marked with a small sticker during the gallery night, and out-of-town purchases will be shipped on Monday, Nov. 15.

 Postcards may also be purchased in person at gallery night.

Love This Wallpaper!

I saw this wallpaper today and love it!!! I’m always thinking about design ideas for Max’s new room. I get an idea and then another one, and now those are gone and I’m thinking about this one!  It’s called Frames and is meant to be drawn on.

Frames WallPaper by Graham and Brown

But my question is… How do you explain to a toddler that you can draw on this wall, but not the other walls. I guess I know how to explain it, but the question really is how do you make it stick in their adventuresome little heads. I’ve wondered this same thing about chalkboard walls, too. Hmmmm….