Another Kid Designed Momma Made Project

Did you see the last Kid Designed, Momma Made project I did? That one was for my son’s auction… This one is a baby gift!


Last week I was invited to a good friend’s baby shower brunch. It was totally last minute. And it was planned during a week that I was still recovering from surgery and unable to drive. I knew that I couldn’t just run out and buy something. And honestly, I’m not real good at that. SO the other night we were out and my son started drawing….


As he got a little way through his drawing, I knew exactly what I was going to do! This baby coming is the third child in the family. His soon to be middle sister has this little tiny blanket that she carries everywhere! Between that and the drawing, I knew I was going to make the baby brother a little blanket kinda like his sister’s.

The drawing continued, but I knew which part of the drawing would be the one I made. I told my son that I was using his drawing to make the baby a present, but that I wasn’t doing the whole drawing. He was very relieved and said that ‘If you use the whole drawing, it might scare the baby.’ Since the drawing is an alien fighting a ball of fire….


The striped part became the blanket, and the face and hair is stuffed. So it could be a pillow, or it could be a stuffie… It’s up to him to decide! And the ears are just soft little quilted pieces to love on, like the tag dolls that kids love so much!


I love turning kids drawings into reality. Only this time, when my son saw it, he was horrified! IT was NOT AT ALL like his picture, according to him. The hair is not hair, but part of the hat and it’s NOT SUPPOSED to be polka dot!!!! AHHHH!!! Well, I think it looks pretty close to the original drawing and it just so happened that the polka dot was the only soft coordinating fabric that I happened to have on hand… I’m happy with it!


What do you think? Does it look like the original drawing???


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Butch Anthony and the Alabama Museum of Wonder

OK, the whole reason we found the Doo Nanny was because wanted to go to Butch Anthony’s World Famous Alabama Museum of Wonder!

But I also wanted a piece of Butch Anthony’s art.  I love his skeleton art over the old photographic portraits but I also love this little sketches. So what is the Museum of Wonder? It’s his studio. It’s a shed. It’s his place where all sorts of fun curiosities find a home. His art has moved from the side-show posters to these super cool drawings of people and animals! He’s, I guess you could call him, a sort of jack of all trades. And an extremely talented one at that! I love his art and his architecture. He builds buildings. He builds furniture. He draws, but he also makes pieces out of metal. And wood. And bones. he’s a restaurateur… Man!

Welcome to my tour of a very cool piece of the Outsider Art world!

Yep, that’s me in that very last picture holding our two purchases! And how funny is it that Butch’s friend and helper the day we were there looks almost exactly like him! Can you pick out the real Butch Anthony?? hehehe… Yep, he’s the one actually signing our pieces. I really wanted to keep both of them, but the big one was actually a gift for my brother-in-law. And he LOVED it!

So imagine my surprise as we’re walking up to the Doo Nanny and I see a sign with an arrow pointing north to a Quilt Show! What??? A Quilt Show? here?? So we kept looking for it and finally found it inside Anthony’s house!  The quilt show was mostly quilt tops that had been collected by Butch Anthony. And they were for sale. I knew I was headed to Gee’s Bend, so I didn’t question the prices or anything like that. Of course, I’m now kicking myself for not asking more questions. Like where were they from? How much?? You know, things like that… Well, I said that they were for sale. Most were. But there was a collection on the porch that had been taken out of the sale pile by Butch’s girlfriend, Natalie Chanin… You probably know that name, huh??? Another amazing textile artist! hHpefully, next trip we can make it to her studio!

That paper pieced one was, I believe, from the 30’s based on the dates on the newspaper they used!

In the bottom left corner of the picture below can you see those t-shirts?? They must have been done by Alabama Chanin. You might be wondering right about now, why I didn’t take more pictures of her pieces… Well. When we got inside, I was so overwhelmed by the little house and the art and the quilts, that I totally didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. After I left, I was like, why didn’t I take a picture of this and that. And who was the woman I was talking to about the quilts?? She spoke about her daughter and her quilting… Who was her daughter?

The inside of the house was just eye candy… Check out that painted floor in the kitchen area. Love the painted floor!

More about our adventures tomorrow!

I’m Thankful For….. free printables…

Well, I do love printables, but what I’m really thankful for is…

Family, my husband, my adorable adorable little son, friends, health, our home, our creativity, (for the moment) my unemployed status, blogging, friends I’ve made blogging… And I could go on…

I wanted to start a new tradition this Thanksgiving with I’m Thankful For cards for each family member to write what they are thankful for right now.  So I made the cards and was just getting ready to share them with you! And speaking of friends I’ve made through this whole blogging thing, right when I was working on my cards, I get an email from Lisa from My Little Buffalo with the most adorable turkey thank you note. If you remember, Lisa helped me with my blog’s graphics earlier this year. I love her art!! I totally switched gears and she agreed to contribute her art to my card and my readers! So I replaced her turkey with the one I had done (which wasn’t nearly as cute by any means) and changed the color scheme to go with her art….

And Wahla!

Click here to download yours!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for this year?


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Letterpress Calendar, revealed…

Finally! I got it all photographed and put together. My Calendar! My first ever attempt at linoleum cutting and printing.

“Snacks and Naps For the Year 2011”

The calendar project is a project I collaborated on with thirteen great artists. I should say 15, including the printers. Thirteen artists carved illustrations in linoleum blocks. We then turned them over to the 2 printers and the calendars were printed on a Vandercook proofing press under the guidance of Master Printer Lynda Sherman at Bremelo Press in Seattle by Kyle Hanson. The month names are vintage woodcuts and the dates are perpetual calendar 18 point metal type. And together we produced a beautiful “Snacks and Naps For the Year 2011” wall calendar.

This was my first ever attempt at lino cuts. I decided to make mine with the image as white space and the background as dark. Then I tried to print it. No luck, what-so-ever! But the two printers were amazing and said no problem. And here is what became of my lino cut…

My image is from a photo of my son napping while dressed as Max, King of the Wild Things!

The calendars are printed on assorted colors of a high-cotton content, acid-free paper from Canson. The pages, 6 inches wide by 8.5 inches high, are loosely bound to a bookboard backer with black elastic bands.




Cover   Curtis Taylor

January   Magda Baker

February   Emily Forland

March   Gigi Grinstad

April   Saya Moriyasu

May   Molly Magai

June   Sedora DeBondt


July  Sara Varon  

August   Clyde Petersen

September   Nine Frenkel  

October   Louise Wackerman

November Michael Getz

 December  Aya Kakeda

Calendars are ready for shipping in my etsy store.

Another New Art Medium

The last thing I need is to learn another artistic  process! I have a whole pile of projects working with art mediums that I already know that aren’t getting done. But when a friend asked if there were any artists that wanted to participate in a lino cut calendar project, what did I say????? Sure, why not!

So here I go trying to learn as much as I can about linoleum cutting! I got my month, October, and the theme is snacks and naps. I ended up choosing naps. Of course I decided to do a negative image, where all the background is dark, versus a positive image where I carve out everything but the image… And I can’t get it to print!!! erghhhhh….

I have gotten some tips and will be getting more tips, so I’ll keep posting on this project. Of course, I thought this was going to be easy, and there is much more to it than I thought. And now that I can’t figure it out right away, I am even more determined to figure out as much about this process as I can!

Here’s where I am starting….

and the prints I am getting…. so sad….

And I’ll be sure to post more about the calendar that this will be in once I get that info!

Architectural Drawings

Today I broke out some paper and pens and a picture of my sister-in-laws new home. She wanted a sketch or drawing of thier new home to put on thier ‘We’ve Moved.’ notes. So I said I could do it! It was fun! I haven’t done anything like this in a while. The quick sketch and the pen and ink drawing. We both agreed that our favorite is the pen and ink. Can’t wait to see what she does with it!